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Albano, sudden request to Romina and Loredana: he can’t stand it anymore

Albano, sudden request to Romina and Loredana: he can’t stand it anymore
Albano, sudden request to Romina and Loredana: he can’t stand it anymore
Loredana, Albano and Romina Youbee

The beloved singer of Cellino San Marco and his request that takes the women in his life by surprise. Romina and Loredana are warned.

Even today he is one of the most appreciated and loved Italian artists not only in our country, but in the world. When in February 2023 he took the prestigious stage of the Ariston Theater inthe Festival as a very welcome guest to duet with Massimo Ranieri And Gianni Morandico-host of the event, inflamed the hearts of those present in the studio and of the viewers.

He is a real lion and knows how to bite the stage. An authentic showman with a powerful voice who with his songs knows how to reach the heart of those who listen to him in no time at all. However Albano he is not only a much acclaimed singer, but also a man much talked about for his private life, which never manages to remain so.

Since he concluded his marriage to the beautiful many years ago Romina Power, with whom he gave birth to four children, he never left the gossip and the gossip. If his famous ex professes to be single today, the same cannot be said of him, who is paired with the showgirl Loredana Lecciso.

Albano torn between two women

With her he gave birth Jasmine And Alban Junior. Albano he also became a grandfather thanks to his daughter Cristel, who lives in Croatia together with her charming husband and offspring. As soon as possible he loves to visit her and spend many moments with her. The same can be said of romina.

However, this idyll, according to many, would have been ruined by the mutual antipathy between the Power and the Lecciso. A feeling that would have increased dramatically when the American artist would have decided to return to live in Cellino San Marco. While Albano reiterated that for him today rominawith whom he collaborates from an artistic point of view, is like a sister, many hope for their flashback.

Loredana, Albano and Romina Youbee

His request

The artist pointed out of love his new partner very much and to be proud of the family he has built over time. He loves to spend Sundays at the table with his loved ones and truest friends. And even during the holidays, Holy Christmas in the first place, he would like the most important people for him all around a beautifully laid table, in perfect harmony.

However, all this is not feasible if there are envies and dislikes, therefore it would be necessary that the hatred, which for many would be more than evident, between the women in his life, i.e. the beautiful Loredana and the beautiful romina, be mitigated. In short words Albano he asks them to make peace, even if, as I pointed out the weekly Newthis could prove to be an impossible feat.

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