Beasts, sensational coup by Francesca Fagnani: the interview that will shake Rai

Beasts, sensational coup by Francesca Fagnani: the interview that will shake Rai
Beasts, sensational coup by Francesca Fagnani: the interview that will shake Rai

Francesca Fagnani’s rock interviews have breached even the hearts of the most distrustful. Shrewd and provocative to the core, the journalist aims to reveal the most hidden nature of her guests. Week after week, the presenter wins the attention of newspapers and the media thanks to her ability to put her finger on the wound. The consequence? We keep talking about “Belve”, the successful program of Rai 2. After the cases of Ignazio La Russa and Heather Parisi, Ornella Vanoni, unpredictable and without brakes, is ready to jeopardize the dynamics of the format.

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With the sole rule of unmasking, Francesca Fagnani’s goal is to put the interviewees at ease and then deliver very low blows. “Belve”, the very popular Rai 2 program, captivates everyone. The ingredient of the excellent success of the transmission? The caustic tone and scathing attitude of the journalist, without a doubt, but also the idea of ​​a format that always ensures the novelty, the gaffe, the scoop. Everything that is said in the living room of the “beast” becomes a powerful sounding board and the guests’ statements trigger endless cycles of controversy.

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Think, for example, of Heather Parisi. After “getting naked” in front of Fagnani, the showgirl was stopped in the studios by the bailiff, called by the television agent Lucio Presta. The latter had won a case against the dancer and she had never paid him. So, it was pragmatic: Heather Parisi signed a check directly in the dressing rooms and, for obvious reasons, the story was much debated. And again, how can we forget the critical interventions of Ignazio La Russa? The president of the Senate, devoid of rhetoric, certainly did not hold back. The choice to be honest, however, was slammed by most and caused discussion. Now the preview of the last episode, that of Tuesday 21 March, makes Rai tremble. A name, a guarantee: Ornella Vanoni will arrive wildly from Francesca Fagnani and her jokes will be unmissable. The tragicomic aspect is guaranteed.

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