Pupo age, illness, daughters, wives, assets, where he lives, real name: all about the singer

Pupo age, illness, daughters, wives, assets, where he lives, real name: all about the singer
Pupo age, illness, daughters, wives, assets, where he lives, real name: all about the singer

Pupo is one of the most loved artists on the Italian music scene, but who exactly is he and how is his private life? Here is some information and curiosities about the famous singer who has been able to conquer the general Italian public with his music and with his talent.

In fact, the singer achieved popularity in the 70s, thanks to the numerous songs that have since become real hits and which still continue to be among the most listened to in national music. Pupo has also often appeared on the small screen and has always been hosted in the various television programs during which he spoke of his artistic career and his career.

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Some important information has been revealed about who the singer Pupo is and what he does: his music is increasingly indelible in the history of Italian television.

Pupo’s biography and career

Born in 1955 in Ponticino (province of Arezzo), Enzo Ghinazzi – known as Pupo – was born to a postman father and a housewife mother. It is from the latter that he inherits his great passion for music and this great love of his led him to perform in the 60s, in some places in your country. Her first debut in the entertainment world, however, takes place in the 70s, when she performs for the first time singing the song I’ll write to you for Baby Records. In 1976, his first album was released You are so Beautiful but the real success comes in 1979.

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In fact, the well-known song comes out this year Chocolate ice cream, which Pupo wrote with the lyricist Cristiano Malgioglio. From there his career has always been on the rise, and his musical journey leads him to perform at the Sanremo Festival in 1980. In addition to being a singer, he is also the author of various songs such as It will be because I love you played by Rich and Poor. In 2000, he appears on the small screen as a TV host for some shows such as Il Swag, Business Tuori and, later, participates again in the Sanremo Festival with the song Italy my love sung together with Emanuele Filiberto and Luca Canonici.

Pupo was also the columnist of Big Brother Vip in 2019 with Wanda Nara and, in 2020, with Antonella Elia. He is now one of the most beloved characters on Italian television, and his music continues to leave its mark on the small screen.

Pupo’s private life

The singer married Anna Ghinazzi in 1974 and, from their love story, the two daughters Clara and Ilaria were born. The artist then declared that he was also in a relationship with his manager Patricia Abati. During an interview released for Barbara D’Urso’s television living room, the same revealed that his is not a betrayal because both women are consenting and aware of the singer’s double relationship. Pupo is also Valentina’s father, who was instead born from a story he had in the past with a fan.

The artist has also unveiled several times to have been addicted to gambling. “I took a lot from my father who was resourceful“, he said in fact, “an entertainer, but also very sad, lugubrious. He gave me this disease“. The singer lives today in Ponticino, right in his country of origin and where took his first steps in the world of music. The exact amount of his estate is not known.

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