«Paolo Bonolis? He took me and Sonia Bruganelli on vacation to the same places, but she and I are now friends »

«Paolo Bonolis? He took me and Sonia Bruganelli on vacation to the same places, but she and I are now friends »
«Paolo Bonolis? He took me and Sonia Bruganelli on vacation to the same places, but she and I are now friends »

At only 19 she was one of the most loved faces of Non è la Rai: «I was very shy, I hid behind the leaves of the fake palm trees around the pool, hoping not to be framed. Gianni Boncompagni has always behaved more than well with me, yet they pelted him with criticism, there was too much fury against him, exaggerated. With Amber? We are friends. We still talk today», Laura Freddi tells Corriere della Sera. Then she became a tissue of Striscia la Notizia with Miriana Trevisan and famous boyfriends arrived.

Paolo Bonolis, the eternal boy turns 60: but Sonia Bruganelli doesn’t like the wishes of the ex


«I lived with Cristina Quaranta. She knew a lot of people, every now and then she introduced me to someone. One evening she invited Fabio Galante, I didn’t want to hear about it. “Please don’t call him again.” Forget it. One evening he practically tied himself to the radiator at home, he didn’t want to leave and at that point … I gave in. He was young and handsome, he played for Inter, I was very jealous, not anymore. With Fabio let’s say that there was a need, I caught some important signals, I tried to forgive, but Milan was full of life, of distractions».

The carreer

From «Quizzone» with Gerry Scotti to Zelig Tour with Claudio Bisio «before entering the stage, to give me courage, he offered me a drop of grappa». And then Buona Domenica with Maurizio Costanzo: «When he called me I was about to hang up on his face because I thought it was a joke, I also had a fever and a beginning of renal colic. “Excuse me, I’m going to the emergency room, can you call me back in a few days?”. And so he did, fortunately ».

Love with Bonolis

«Paolo Bonolis was the most important person among my loved ones, I was very young then and he was already married and a father. In the eyes of my 19 years old he was fascinating, I liked him, he entertained me, he struck me with his irony and culture. He even made me watch three films a day, he read me books, it was a flood. We traveled a lot. Even if with Sonia, his wife – by now we have become friends – we discovered that he took us on vacation to the same places: Polynesia, New York, today we laugh at each other ».

Sonia Bruganelli has admitted that he hated her for a long time. «Her was a virtual hatred, perhaps she had idealized my figure, but the five and a half years I spent with Paolo are a crumb, compared to their marriage. Why did I leave him? We loved each other very well and it was painful for both of us to separate. I wanted more, a family, but the moment was wrong, our times did not coincide».

What did she really dislike about him?
«He drove terrible cars, like an old metallic blue Escort with a white mirror remedied for the wreckage, a snag, I was ashamed to drive around. Paolo, on the other hand, paid no attention to it. Watches, cars, clothes, he was spartan, thrifty. Once, as a guest of my parents, in Acilia, he wanted a cigarette, there weren’t any in the house; so he went around the whole building, door to door, to have one offered to him. In bathrobe and slippers. Gifts? Yes. I remember a tremendous set of yellow suitcases».

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