plans for William and Kate’s children

All three of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children will have starring roles at King Charles’s coronation. In these hours, in fact, the details of the program planned for the family of the princes of Wales have emerged. A few weeks ago i tabloid they had revealed that Carlo and Camilla were talking with the parents of the three little princes to find them a role that would not stress them.

So far, the coronations of English monarchs have not taken into consideration the youngest of the family. Also in the ceremony of Queen Elizabeth the then little prince Charles had a marginal role. According to rumors reported by the media, however, the prince GeorgePrincess Charlotte and the prince Louis will be present at the event with a role that will put them in the spotlight. Camilla also cares a lot about the presence of her grandchildrento whom he entrusted an important task in the most solemn moment of the ceremony.


THE three children of Prince William and of Kate Middleton they will join King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla in the parade which will commence after leaving Westminster Abbey at the end of the ceremony. According to sources, the procession back to Buckingham Palace expected to account for a third of that of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953. For the prince Georgehowever, another much more important role is also foreseen.

King Charles and Queen Camilla pointing to their grandchildren at the coronation

Second in line to the throneThe prince George, aged 9, will have a role to play at the coronation, although it’s unknown what that is. No other details have emerged at the moment, but so far it was not even known if Charlotte and Louis would be there. The doubts mainly concerned the smallest, the prince louis, who William and Kate have deliberately excluded from some events considering his age. The couple’s third child, for example, he was not present at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. As reported by the Times, documents prove their involvement. In fact, the plans drawn up by the Palazzo include their names among those who will board the carriage for the parade. It seems that, however, King Charles did not include Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet in the coronation. According to the rumors that would have leaked through unofficial channels, not even the prince Harry And Meghan Markle will participate in the transfer to Buckingham Palace.


At the moment i Sussex they did not confirm their attendance at the coronation. However, even if there were to be, they will not take part in the procession. They’re not the only ones left out of plans for this particular coronation moment, though. King Charles ruled out also the brother, the Prince Andrewand his daughters, the princesses Beatrice and the princess Eugenie. Buckingham Palace confirmed that the carriages will follow a path shorter than that of Queen Elizabeth. The Palace, however, has insisted that it will be something “astonishing in both size and splendor“. According to initial estimates, the coronation of King Charles will have a cost of £100 million. Furthermore, as this is a state event, taxpayers will pay through the UK government.

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