Do you remember Nadia Rinaldi? If you see it now you will never recognize it

Do you remember Nadia Rinaldi? If you see it now you will never recognize it
Do you remember Nadia Rinaldi? If you see it now you will never recognize it

Do you remember Nadia Rinaldi? If you see her now you will never recognize her: this is how she was and how she is today the Roman actress.

Roman class of ’67, Nadia Rinaldi she made herself known as an actress from a very young age, training directly with a teacher like Gigi Proietti. Since the 90s she begins to take part in various films such as Christmas Holidays ’91, 90s, SPQR – 2000 and ½ years ago And Italian miracle, showing all his talent and sympathy.

Yesterday and today by Nadia Rinaldi –

Year after year she has increasingly established herself on the big screen, later also participating in various theatrical performances, as well as television programs and reality shows. We recently saw her take part in The Island of the Famousthus putting himself to the test as shipwrecked in Honduras.

We have known Rinaldi for decades, but over the years the actress has significantly lost weight: Do you remember how it was at the beginning and how it is today? The surprising change.

Nadia Rinaldi between yesterday and today: the change of the actress

Year after year, as the fans have visibly been able to see by attending Rinaldi’s various TV appearances, the actress has lost a lot of weight and today she is certainly different than when, as a very young girl, she stood out in the world of cinema. Recently guest on the show Italian stories conducted by Eleonora Daniele for Rai 1, Rinaldi underlined once again how, after the intestinal bypass operation carried out, she reached lose many kilos having a truly incredible weight loss.

Nadia Rinaldi’s weight loss over the years – Photo Ansa –

“From 150 kilos, I came to weigh 67” explained (as also reported by the actress in front of Eleonora Daniele; certainly, it was mainly her health that benefited her, considering how now she has reached her weight. Then confronting another guest on the program, she told of the difficulties she had following her breast surgery.

“I’ve never told it because it’s not a pleasant thing. I had a tummy tuck after a big weight loss. I had a lot of breasts and after the weight loss they were left empty, and it was reduced. But so much skin was peeled off that everything reopened to me. I even saw the prostheses from the mirror” revealed the actress. Today, fortunately, however, she has made a great recovery and fans are hoping to see her again soon protagonist with some new project in the field of acting, whether on the big or small screen.

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