Amanda Lear reveals a secret of a RAI presenter

Amanda Lear reveals a secret of a RAI presenter
Amanda Lear reveals a secret of a RAI presenter

Amanda Lear –

Amanda Lear did not hold back during the interview with Loretta Goggi and decided to reveal a secret about a Rai presenter

Amanda Lear of her beginnings says this: “I decided to do a lot of provocation, scandal, nude photos. This ambiguity has helped a lot to make me popular in Italy, because this is the country of great voices and that was not my quality. We needed to create something different.”

Furthermore, Amanda Lear also talked about her Playboy cover: “The first Playboy cover I did, I was a little embarrassed and so I asked for a woman to photograph menot a man.

A German who photographed me completely naked, hair and all, there you could see that I wasn’t a real blonde. But it was fashionable thenall the actresses and all the singers had to take this kind of sexy photos”.

Amanda Lear’s operation

Amanda Lear told of the heart problem she had and which forced her to undergo surgery. Indeed, she said: “It was a bad scareo, I’m in great shape now. I have a euphoria and enthusiasm never experienced before. The cardiologist advised me to calm down. My heart seems to be beating faster than before”:

The woman said she made a will before entering the operating room: “Something for the cats and all my Loboutin shoes for a dear friend. Jokes aside, I was scared. On the day of the surgery, I asked for the strongest tranquilizers.

I’m just saying that I’ve never, in my entire life, been in an operating room. At my tender age I still have everything: tonsils, appendix”.

Amanda Lear –

The secret about the Rai presenter

Amanda Lear is a champion of sincerity. In fact, during the interviews she always lets herself go with spontaneity and sympathy. One of the last evenings she was a guest on the Benedetta Primavera show by Loretta Goggi. During the interview, she put on a real show. At one point she decided to reveal a secret about a Rai presenter. This is Simona Ventura who would have done a particular plastic surgery. Indeed, on Super Simo, Amanda Lear said: “Simona Ventura won and with the money she got her first rhinoplasty!”.

In addition, he also told a very funny anecdote about Claudia Schiffer, “Claudia Schiffer… There was talk of making a film about my life. They thought of her for my part. I gave her the book and she said “I like your book, who wrote it to you?” And I replied “I’m glad you liked it, who read it to you?”.

There is also some for Alba Parietti, on which he says: “I had a valley called Alba Parietti. She was a very beautiful, intelligent girl, but as a valet she was denied ”

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