Ilary Blasi, the photos of the kisses to Bastian for the birthday: “Happy birthday my love”

Ilary Blasi, the photos of the kisses to Bastian for the birthday: “Happy birthday my love”
Ilary Blasi, the photos of the kisses to Bastian for the birthday: “Happy birthday my love”

Spotlights on, finally, up Bastian and Ilary Blasi. The former lady Totti publishes a burst of photos in Instagram stories to wish his new partner a happy birthday: «Happy birthday my love, I wish you the best. With lots of love,” she writes in the caption below the photo as she kisses her new flame. After so many rumorspaparazzi, half-finished photos, the two finally come out on social media, posting various moments lived together.

Ilary Blasi and Bastian at dinner with Alex Nuccetelli, the provocation (to Totti): “First he denounces me, then he comes to my place…”

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Moments in love

Embraced, while kissing, smiling, in the tub and then on the street: Ilary and Bastian seem more and more in love and the love story seems to resist haters and gossip that have been circulating about the presenter and the Totti-Noemi couple for months now. The serene returns to Ilary’s life who, between a bag and a rolexhe enjoys his love story.

Fixed pair

Let the two be a couple fixedis now a certainty. If, initially, Ilary and Bastian lived their own relation in the shadows, now the presenter together with her new partner has found a smile and no longer intends to hide it. In fact, the couple spent dinner in a well-known restaurant in Rome which, according to what learned, would be the Il Tartarughino restaurant, located in the heart of Rome and of which Alex Nuccetelli, a historic friend of Francesco Totti, plays the role of artistic director. “First report me, then come to my club?” Nuccetelli said. Ilary and Bastian have booked a dinner in the restaurant, of which Alex Nuccetelli is the artistic director, together with her sisters Melory and Silvia, and a group of friends. Of all the restaurants in Rome, the one belonging to Totti’s friend was meant to be a dig at his ex-spouse? Who knows. “I see a bit of arrogance in it,” Nuccetelli reported about the choice of the restaurant where he works.

Nuccetelli’s words

The pr reported Ilary’s move to Francesco Totti: «He did the gentleman. He told me: “So great Rome, right from you” ». Alex Nuccetelli could not help but show his disagreement with the choice of the presenter, he did not appreciate her attitude, which is why the two did not meet during the evening: «I never went to the which they were having dinner. Also because there were people I didn’t feel like meeting». Then, he also let slip a comment on Blasi’s new partner: «I think they have a different relationship from what they had with Totti. He looks like a young boy to me. Francesco was a man, the one who took all the responsibilities, even if at home the one who wore the trousers was more Ilary ».

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