Chiara Ferragni: here’s what happened with Sanremo and Fedez

Chiara Ferragni: here’s what happened with Sanremo and Fedez
Chiara Ferragni: here’s what happened with Sanremo and Fedez

“Stop to breathe and think, remembering that it’s normal to be afraid, it’s normal to ask yourself if you’ll make it, it’s normal to offer help to those around you who need it but also to ask someone you know who can be of support. It happened to me after weeks of emotionally complex things that have happened to me and have happened to us as a family.” Clare Ferragni he breaks the silence on social media and lets himself go on Instagram on how he has lived the last few months amidst difficulties at work and at home.

Everything has been said about the digital entrepreneur, before, during and after San Remoincluding the alleged crisis/divorce with her husband Fedez: he too has been away from social media for a long time, to then explain the bad (and long) moment he experienced due to problems related to a drug. And today comes the testimony of the other half of the Ferragnezwho with a post on Instagram explains how hard this period has been and how complex it has been to divide between the needs of work and above all, family ones.

The admission of Chiara Ferragni

“San Remo, now I can admit it, it was very hard – writes the influencer – I felt out of my comfort zone asking myself if I would be capable, telling myself that I couldn’t disappoint those who believed in me and not giving in to those who wanted me see making mistakes. What then some gratuitous hatred you really don’t understand why it should be thrown at you for no real reason, but that’s another matter”.

The responsibility of the family

“At the same time – he continues – I had to be there for my family, try to be strong for everyone, understand how to solve problems bigger than me with the fear of not making it as a wife and also as a mother, because with your children you have to be you the strong one, always”.

A moment of discouragement

Fedez’s wife reveals, with great honesty, that she felt “even discouragement finding myself wondering what would have happened if I had collapsed too. I cried, alone and with those who love me and wanted to give me a hug and a word of comfort to help me be strong for my whole family, but also for the 60 people who work with me for whom I have to be on point every day and keep up with the commitments made otherwise we’ll all be out of work”.

Among a thousand fires

A complex situation, an emotional burden and responsibility that is not easy to manage, as she admits: “All this made me feel amidst a thousand fires, among many, sometimes too many family, human and professional responsibilities. But it also made me find a new strength, perhaps of a more adult person”.

Pull straight

“Of course sometimes – he adds – I would like to allow myself to say to myself ‘Chiara you are there too, today you can be fragile, you can make mistakes, you can be the one who asks for help’. It will happen, I know. For now it’s time to keep going and try to make things work, to fix them without pretending that everything is going well, but really trying to make them go well.Thanks to those who are there for me too, and to those who understand that often appearing strong even when one feels fragile is not a choice but a necessity”. And she concludes: “I see you, I read you and I am grateful to you”.

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