Who is Patrizia Baldi wife of Claudio Villa? Age, work, children and private life

Although Claudio Villa’s wife was 31 years his junior, what incredible journey did she embark on after marrying the legendary artist?

At 47, Claudio Villa was deeply in love with the young and beautiful Patrizia Baldi, daughter of a friend. He married her in 1975 with Pippo Baudo as best man and the two had two daughters, Andreina Celeste in 1980 and Aurora in 1981. Despite the considerable age gap, their love was strong and unshakable. At a time when people weren’t as open-minded as they are today, Claudio and Patrizia’s passionate union was truly remarkable.

In 1984, the news of Claudio and Manuela’s paternity suit made the rounds of the tabloids. In a 2019 interview with Come From Me, Manuela revealed that she had discovered that the man she had always considered her father, Elio, was not her biological father. You said: “My dad is Elio, the man who raised me, while my father is the man who allowed me to be born. I called Elio papa from the first moment”. This revelation led to a flurry of sensationalized stories about her marriage to Patrizia Baldi, reigniting the tabloids with passionate debate.

Claudio Villa was madly in love with Patrizia Baldi when they met for the first time in 1973 and their marriage on the Capitol, despite being after the one with Miranda Bonansea, caused a stir. Despite the criticism and gossip that surrounded the couple due to Claudio’s fame, their passionate love lasted until his death. What a beautiful life Patrizia lived!

Who is the incredible Patrizia Baldi and what extraordinary goals did Claudio Villa’s beloved wife achieve in life?

Patrizia has been unfairly judged and criticized for her relationship due to the age gap, but she has never let it dampen her spirits. Her passionate love for Claudio Villa was strong and resilient, withstanding numerous obstacles before the birth of their two daughters. Even after Claudius’ death, the tribulations continued.

Despite the rumors about her family affairs, Patrizia Baldi has always kept her private life away from the public eye. She has remained sheltered from the press and cameras, so much so that very little is known about her. Her fame is only due to her relationship with singer Claudio, but she has fought hard to keep her private life away from the media. We can only speculate about her life with Claudio, but it’s only fair to honor her desire for privacy. We look forward to her appearance on RAI’s Domenica In to hear her stories.

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