Can Yaman womanizer | Diletta Leotta’s even more beautiful girlfriend

Beloved by Italian women, Can Yaman has become a sex symbol in a very short time, conquering the heart of every woman.

With a mysterious charm, the man is almost a Greek god: his sculptural physique certainly does not go unnoticed. There is a lot of curiosity about his love life, especially now that he is no longer seeing Diletta Leotta. Few know that before her there was an ex even more beautiful than her.

Can Yaman is among the most beautiful actors in Europeif not of the world. In a short time he conquered Italian women and the success was so much that he was also the protagonist of Purple like the seathe Italian fiction alongside Francesca Chillemi.

Until recently the actor attended Diletta Leotta: the two formed an explosive couple and envied by all. Both beautiful, it hadn’t been long since they had started dating that all of Italy already knew it. The couple had been at the center of gossip for several months.

Can Yaman had an even more beautiful ex

But who was there before the journalist alongside the actor? Well, few know it but Can Yaman was engaged for several years to another girl, if possible even more beautiful than Leottaat least according to some opinions collected on the web.

The actor, from Turkey, landed in Italy and immediately achieved great success. To think that he used to work as a lawyer: a completely different career than now! The man then decided to become an actor and it was the wisest choice he could make.

The fame it also led him to star in the remake of Sandokan, forthcoming: who better than him to play the Malaysian prince? Surely this will be a further springboard for his career, which will continue to reach ever higher peaks.

Coming to her love life, Can Yaman lived a very passionate story with the journalist Diletta Leotta. After the end of the relationship, the woman explained what their relationship was: “We are two 30-year-old boys who met, who loved each other, who tried to live this enormous passion. We are both very passionate, maybe he even more than me, and it was all very fast, very beautiful“.

Breathtakingly beautiful

In short, a truly overwhelming story, which however has ended. But even before Leotta there was another very important woman for the actor: we are talking about Bestemsu Ozdemir, considered by many to be even more beautiful than her recent ex.

Can Yaman

Born in 1991, the two have loved each other for a long time and their relationship was very serious. In the end something went wrong: the actress cheated on Yaman with another man and the two said goodbye.

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