Richard Gere unrecognizable with very long hair and beard: the completely new look

Richard Gere. Photo: Ansa – newsby

Richard Gere was recently photographed with thick long white hair, very different from the one we usually see him with. But even so, it cannot be denied that the actor always has a great charm…

Gere’s long and messy hair may have left some fans speechless, but it is good to specify it immediately: it is not a “definitive” look but only a “script duty” on the part of the actor, busy on the set of a movies in Philly. In addition to his hair, Gere also attracted attention for the style sported on the streets of the well-known US city: the 64-year-old actor combined the classic trousers and shirt with a colorful scarf in warm colors and a walking stick full bohemian style.

Richard Gere. Photo: Ansa – newsby

Richard Gere unrecognizable on the set of his latest film

The film Gere is currently shooting is Fanny, the new film directed by Andrew Renzi. A new work challenge, therefore, for the handsome Hollywood actor, who he spent his Christmas in the company of his third wife Alejandra Silva and children (aged three and two) It was Silva who posted a photo of the cheerful and close-knit family picture on Instagram. In the shot, the four are portrayed from behind in a sunny location and seem intent on looking at something in the water of what appears to be a lake, right in front of them.

In addition to the children had by Silva, Gere is also the father of Homer James Jigme Gere now twenty-two, had by his ex-wife Carey Lowell, to whom he is very close. An interesting detail of the Gere-Silva couple is that the two “come out” as a couple in 2014 in Italy, to be precise at the Taormina Film Festival. Just four years after that day, the couple tied the knot near New York.

richard gere long hair
Richard Gere unrecognizable with long hair. Photo: Instagram – newsby

Love for his wife and commitment in the social field

Gere’s love for his beautiful wife runs really deep, so much so that the actor has called her his “heroine”. “She is my heroine in real life. I was a bit lost and she gave my life meaning. Today we are made for each other”. Gere has stated in the past. The actor then added that he married a woman who was not only intelligent but also sensitive, socially engaged, funny, cheerful, patient and forgiving. All indispensable qualities for Gere. Silvia would also be an excellent cook, able to prepare “the best salads in the world”, according to Gere.

richard gere wife
Richard with wife Alejandra. Photo: Ansa – newsby

In short, it seems that, in addition to cinema, there are two great passions of Richard: the family and Buddhism. In fact it is now known that the actor is a convinced philanthropist, engaged for years in the fight for human rights. Gere is particularly active in Tibet, where supports the Tibet Independence Movement. Because of this, he was banned from the People’s Republic of China, where he can no longer enter.

But his efforts in Tibet are only a small part of his good works. As many know, Gere also spent some time on the Open Arms migrant ship off the coast of Lampedusa, helping volunteers to support migrants with food paid out of his own pocket. Also, during the filming of the movie Time out of mind in which he played a homeless man, Gere lived for days just like one of them to be able to (really) see the world from their point of view. In short, a truly extraordinary man.

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