Mara Venier, worries about the situation of her husband Nicola Carraro. Health conditions

The presenter of Domenica In is going through some dark moments because her beloved husband is in poor health.

Mara Venier she is very worried about her husband, Nicholas Carrarowhich, at the moment, is located at Santo Domingo in not exactly happy company. In fact, the man contracted the Covid and Mara does nothing but repeat this sentence, as if it were a mantra: “I would like to be close to you, come on my love”.

He writes it on social media Instagramfor which the couple is very active, and says it live while conducting its program Sunday In. From this sentence, the deep and enduring love that has bound this couple for more than 20 years, 16 of which they have been married, shines through.

Venier and Carraro are not one of those typical VIP couples who are always seen together on television, but, instead, are very present on the web. In fact, they enjoy sharing their moments of normal everyday life with their Instagram fans, Mara has more than 2 million followers.

Indeed, very often it is the husband who films his wife during the typical household chores, both happy to always be seen in love as if it were the first day.

However, they couldn’t celebrate their last wedding anniversary together because Nicola left for Santo Domingo, where he has a wonderful villa surrounded by greenery with a fantastic swimming pool. She often leaves Rome to go and relax in their private paradise.

And that’s where it is even these days, but it is not a holiday like any other. Here, in fact, Carraro fell ill with Covid, sending Venier into a tailspin, who is very worried about her husband’s fate. He is very sorry that he is forced to face all this alone, miles and miles away from her.

In the episode of 4 December, on Domenica In, Aunt Mara received this unexpected and not at all welcome news, as you can imagine. Immediately, Mara shared the bad news on her social networks, to keep her fans updated on the health conditions of her beloved spouse.

He sent her a photo where he shows himself happy and full of energy, but his wife knows him welland in fact he commented on the photo that he immediately reposted:

“My love, we have been super careful in these two years but now Covid has arrived in Santo Domingo. You sent me this photo to reassure me I know. I would like to be close to you, come on my love. I love you”.

These phrases full of love and affection have not left the fans insensitive, who immediately commented with warm words and good wishes for her husband. Not only Venier’s fans have commented, but also her colleagues.

For example, Sandra Milo she wrote as follows: “Knowing the deep love that binds you, I know you will be worried about staying away from him but you will see that he will pass this test and you will soon return to reunite. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.”

Mara Venier has been married twice, before marrying Carraro. The first time, with her daughter’s father Elizabeth, Francis Ferraciniand the second time with Jerry Cala. Marriage that lasted just three years. While her one with her current husband has been going on for 16 years and nothing seems to break this union so deep.

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