Heather Parisi who are the four children

Heather Parisi who are the four children
Heather Parisi who are the four children

Heather Parisi, dancer, singer, stage actress, showgirl and mother of 43 children, was conceived by three different men. How many children does Heather Parisi have, what they do and all about them.

All about Heather Parisi’s children

From the marriage of Heather Parisi Manenti with Giorgio Manenti in 1992 was born the first daughter of Heather Parisi Manenti, Rebecca Jewel Parisi Manenti. After the divorce from her first husband, the American showgirl had a relationship with Giovanni di Giacomo, from which Jacqueline Luna was born. In 2010 the twins Dylan and Elizabeth of Umberto Maria Anzolin and Heather were born.

Not much is known about the showgirl’s private life, but we learn that she has two daughters who live away from her. Rebecca Parisi Manenti, born in 1994, lives in Rome with her father, Giorgio Manenti, an entrepreneur. She is very beautiful and looks a lot like her mother (especially her younger one), and both live in Rome with their respective fathers: Giovanni Di Giacomo (orthopedist) and Giorgio Manenti (entrepreneur). At the Dante Alighieri classical high school, you studied at the Universidad Europea in Madrid and attended the Visconti Paritarian Institute in New York. Jacqueline Di Giacomo, on the other hand, enrolled at the Istituto Paritario Visconti and moved to New York in September 2018.

Heather Parisi and her twin sons live with the showgirl’s current partner in Hong Kong.

Heather Parisi was born on January 27, 1960 in Los Angeles to Norman Werby and Anita Parisi, whose father Frank Parisi was originally from Terravecchia, in the province of Cosenza. After her parents separated, she moved alone to San Francisco at the age of 13, while at 15 she went to New York to study with the American Ballet. In 1978, while on vacation in Italy, choreographer Franco Miseria introduced her to Pippo Baudo, who launched her Italian career. The television show Apriti Sabato, her first television appearance was in 1979, was her first official appearance in Italy. Fantastico, programmed by Loretta Goggi and Beppe Grillo, was her first televised event. The consecration comes thanks to the first edition of Fantastico, hosted by Loretta Goggi and Beppe Grillo.

On Instagram profile of the showgirl there are numerous shots of private life and also of Heather Parisi’s children Dylan and Elizabeth.

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