“You will be lucky. Never stop hoping”

Francesco Renga, the (chilling) letter to the “self” of the past that moved everyone: “You will be lucky. Never stop hoping”

Francesco Renga, the letter that moved everyone – blueshouse.it

We have no doubt that Francesco Renga is one of the most loved singers on the Italian music scene. His debut happened when he was really very young, and he managed to conquer everyone with your music. He would never have imagined that suddenly he would find himself having to deal with so many dark moments, ups and downs that were not easy to face but which made him the man we all know today. In short, Francesco should be really proud of himself and everything he has been able to achieve.

Today he has many messed up situations behind him that he has managed to resolve, such as his marriage with Amber Angiolini which unfortunately didn’t last as long as they would have liked. The two broke up despite having promised to stay together forever, but somehow they managed to keep their promise, from the moment in which, despite everything, they managed to remain friends and still be a family. In short, in the end even his failures were transformed into lessons and successes that were truly an example for him.

Francesco Renga: the letter to himself that moved his fans

Francesco Renga, the letter that moved everyone – blueshouse.it

In short, Francesco’s life has been an exciting one up until now, and on the occasion of his 56th birthday he decided to sum up what he managed to achieve by relying solely on his own strength. So he decided to write a letter to himself, or rather, to write a letter to the Francis of the past, the one who he constantly suffered from, who was ill and who he thought he couldn’t find happiness. Today things are completely different for Francis and he couldn’t be more proud, for this very reason, in the letter he decided to write to himself, there are only words of affection for the Francis of the past who suffered without knowing what the future would have been like. his future. Maybe things didn’t go as he hoped, maybe the Francesco of the past thought he would really stay married to forever Amber Angiolinibut all things considered, in the end he feels he really has nothing to complain about.

Francesco Renga: “To the Francesco of the past I would say that…”

To the Francis of the past I would say that things arrive when they are supposed to arrive, that no one can do it alone and that we must let ourselves be helped and helped. I would tell him that happiness shouldn’t scare us, because the price we pay doesn’t necessarily have to be high” with these words, Francesco decided to pay homage to his life on the occasion of his birthday. In short, although some things were not easy for him, in the end, all things considered, he feels he can be truly happy with the luck he believes he has had in his life. “I would tell him that I want to seek happiness and always demand it from everyone’s life, in every moment of our existence. I would tell him that he will be a lucky man and to continue to hope for luck“.

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