Can Yaman appears on Tg 1 from the set of Sandokan, here’s what he revealed (VIDEO)

Can Yaman appears on Tg 1 from the set of Sandokan, here’s what he revealed (VIDEO)
Can Yaman appears on Tg 1 from the set of Sandokan, here’s what he revealed (VIDEO)

Can Yaman, busy on the set of Sandokan in Calabria, appears in a short interview on Tg 1, here’s what he revealed about the new TV series which will be broadcast on Rai 1.

In Calabria, the village of Labuan, the setting for the adventures of, has been perfectly recreated Sandokanthe legendary privateer born from the pen of Emilio Salgari, which returns to television after decades from the version so loved by the public with Kabir Bedi as the protagonist. Can Yaman takes on the role of the Malaysian Tigerand here’s what he revealed in an interview with News 1 a few hours ago.

Can Yaman, on the set of Sandokan, works hard

It was precisely the announcement of the project of remake of Sandokan to bring Can Yaman in Italy a few years ago, riding the wave of the incredible success of the soap Daydreamer, which definitively consecrated him as a sex symbol even outside Turkey. The project, branded Lux ​​Vide, comes to life in recent months with an international cast, a script in English and the promise of land on Rai 1 as soon as possible to the delight of viewers. So much curiosity to see Yaman as the legendary Malayan Tigerthe magnetic and captivating corsair taken from the narrative cycle by Emilio Salgari.

Yaman worked hard to be able to offer his audience the best version of Sandokan possible, including prohibitive diets and intense training that he needed for the adrenaline-filled fight and escape scenes. Can publicly thanked Calabria, where the village of Labuan was recreated, for the warm welcome but then disappeared from Instagram, leaving fans dumbfounded. Now, however, the Turkish actor reappears in an exclusive interview of News 1.

Can Yaman interviewed on Tg 1

While filming is taking place in Calabria Sandokanwhich will soon air on Rai 1, Can Yaman keeps your attention high to immerse yourself in the role of Malaysian tiger perfectly. The Turkish actor, although enthusiastic about this occasion, is aware that he will have to deal with the memory of Kabir Bedi in the role of Sandokan, and he has no intention of disappointing the expectations of his fans. A few hours ago, during a exclusive report from Tg 1 on set of the fiction produced by Lux Vide, Yaman gave a short interview, talking about the preparation that his character required.

“I did a lot of fighting and knife and sword training, I became expert. I learned how to ride and I’m friends with horses now.”

Canreally sexy as Sandokan with the stage costume that suits him, he smiled at the cameras showing himself full of energy and desire to do, telling how he prepared for the role, which also required diction lessons given that the script is all in English. The rookie will also be there with Yaman Alanah Bloor as Lady Marianna, Alessandro Preziosi who lends his face to Yanez de Gomera and then Ed Westwick who plays the antagonist Lord Brooke.

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