Simona Branchetti: age, degrees, husband and children, where she lives, Instagram photos

The journalist is among the most loved faces on TV, the Mediaset public adores Simona Branchetti. Recently, among other things, she returned to the air.

“Good afternoon! But how nice to find you here from the Palatino studio in Rome!”, that’s how it is Simona Branchetti kicked off the new season of Afternoon Five News. The journalist receives the baton from Myrta Merlino, who only a few days ago greeted the public Afternoon Five after two hundred episodes.

Simona Branchetti recently returned to the air on Canale 5, here’s everything about her -Credit @Mediaset

In her place, from Monday to Friday, on Canale 5 at 5pm, there will be her colleague; she will be the point of reference for viewers during the summer. Fans won’t miss a single appointment obviously, also because we’re talking about one of the most popular presenters in the entire Mediaset schedule.

She has been part of the large Biscione family since 2007, when she was chosen to join the Roman editorial team of TG5. In reality, your adventure as a journalist began a few years earlier, it was in 2002 that you began writing for The voice of Forlì and other publications, shortly after graduation.

Simona Branchetti, all about the presenter of Afternoon Five News

Born in 1976 – born on 15 August – Simona Branchetti has been one of the pillars of the Mediaset schedule for some time now. Originally from Meldola, in the province of Forlì – Cesena, today he is 47 years old and lives in Rome.

Simona Branchetti, everything you don’t know about her-Credit Instagram

She only recently returned to the helm of Afternoon Five Newsto the delight of his fans, who rarely miss any appointments and they follow her consistently on social networks, especially on Instagramwhere he often shares some shots from his daily life.

Graduated in Law from the University of Bologna, with a thesis in civil procedurehas been a professional journalist since 2005. And it was precisely in that period that she met Federico Quaranta, the television and radio host whom she married in 2008 and from whom she separated only five years later, in 2013.

Even the second marriage with Carlo Longari, who she met in 2016 and with whom she got down the aisle in 2013, was short-lived, because the breakup came in 2021. He never had children and, at least for now, there doesn’t seem to be a man who makes her heart beat.

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