the truth about hospitalization and the surprise upon returning home

Fedez he returned to social media with great fanfare. With a carousel of photos, as his ex-wife Chiara Ferragni would say, “a photo dump of the last few days”, the rapper recounted the latest news in his life: from the arrival of a new four-legged friend, to the inauguration of Rozzano park built with the contribution of the Fedez Foundation, with a Freestyle area, and his latest illness which forced him to go to hospital for some health checks.

Gifts for your new four-legged friend

Fedez shared some shots of his last days in Milan. Among the big news there is certainly his new four-legged friend, he seems to be a golden retriever and terribly remembers his dog Paloma who, after the separation from Chiara Ferragni, he never saw again.

“I also had a golden retriever,” the rapper said, with bitterness and melancholy, during a live broadcast on Twitch, adding that he took care of it entirely and from one moment to the next he no longer saw her.

His new dog is full of energy, but he also seems to suffer from motion sickness, as in the photos published by the rapper, the armrest of the car is covered in vomit. The surprises are not over for Federico who, as soon as he entered the new house, found a nice surprise right on the carpet by Virgil Abloh for Off White in the special collection for IKEA (unavailable in stores, but online it also reaches 6 thousand euros), not very scented .

The illness

Little official information and many rumors have been circulating in these days of concern for Fedez. After the terrible illness a few weeks ago, the rapper had a relapse which forced him to return to the hospital to carry out further tests, as he himself documents in the Instagram post where he shows the middle finger, directly from the emergency room bed.

No hospitalization as many had rumored, Fedez returned home shortly after, but he must remain at absolute rest and, with the new dog in the house, he certainly won’t be bored.


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