Giulia Stabile caught with the famous actor, sure fans: “He is the new love”

Giulia Stabile caught with the famous actor, sure fans: “He is the new love”
Giulia Stabile caught with the famous actor, sure fans: “He is the new love”

Giulia Stabile caught in sweet company with the famous actor: fans are sure, “He is the new love”. Who is it about,

“What a show together!” is the exclamation that bounces among the fans while the talent show Friends takes a summer break. But, even if the program is on standby, the gossip about its protagonists he never goes on holiday. The boys, true idols for the public, continue to keep fans updated through social media and there is no shortage of occasions in which they are immortalized by the paparazzi or by the fans themselves in everyday situations.

Giulia Stabile spotted with the famous actor: fans sigh, “He is the new love!” (credit Ig @giugiulola/amici ufficio) –

Recently, one of the most beloved stars of ‘Friends’ came into the spotlight, Giulia Stabile. The talented dancer, who with his kindness also conquered how former host of ‘Tu Si Que Vales’, she was caught in sweet company with Manu Rios, the actor of the moment, during an event in Milan. A short video showing them having a lively conversation was enough to spark a frenzy among fans.

“Giulia Stabile and Manu Rios, what a fabulous duo!” a follower on X (formerly Twitter) comments enthusiastically. He, the charming one Spanish actor of ‘Elite’, at just 24 years old he is already a star, and shares with Giulia a deep passion for dance. In fact, Manu also has a past as a dancer: he studied classical, modern and street dance since he was a child and has participated in the Spanish version of ‘Tu Si Que Vales’ as a competitor.

Spotted together Giulia Stabile and the famous actor Manu Rios (credit X @kuwmanurios) –

Is there perhaps something more than a simple friendship between Giulia and Manu? It’s still early to say, but the images of the two laughing and chatting give fans hope. “They are both talented and beautiful,” writes a fan, while another adds: “They are perfect together, how wonderful!”. THE social media are flooded with enthusiastic comments.

Giulia, from a talented student, is now a professional who guides the new competitors in their performances, always maintaining a relationship of friendship and complicity with them. Romantically, it seems that Giulia is currently single, after the end of his relationship with Sangiovanni, born right within the walls of the ‘Amici’ school.

On the professional front, Giulia will continue to be one of the program’s lead dancers next season, albeit her own adventure at ‘Tu Si Que Vales’ seems to have come to an end. Fans are eagerly waiting to see how his life will evolve, both on stage and off. And who knows, maybe there’s a new love story on the horizon.

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