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Alberto Matano, the big announcement arrives with her husband Riccardo: “Minus two…”

Alberto Matano, the big announcement arrives with her husband Riccardo: “Minus two…”
Alberto Matano, the big announcement arrives with her husband Riccardo: “Minus two…”

Alberto Matano, the big announcement arrives on social media. The host appears with her husband Riccardo: “Minus two…“. Here’s what happens.

Fresh from a successful television season, Alberto Matano enjoys the holidays and the break. Immediately after the summer he will return to the management of Life live, daily talk which airs in the afternoon on Rai Uno. Format that achieved unexpected audience figures and the competition’s attempts to counter it were to no avail. Matano is a face much loved by the public, he boasts an exemplary journalistic career and his manner is always composed and polite.

Matano with her husband Riccardo announcement-photo ig @albertomatano-

For years he was the host of TG1 where he demonstrated his professionalism, landing in Life live it was also an opportunity to reveal myself as a person. And it is during one of the many episodes of the talk who came out. Today he is married to Rìccardo Mannino, a well-known cassation lawyer. The two are a beautiful, discreet couple who do not like to appear excessively. It is no coincidence that Matano, despite being very active on social media, does not like to share much of his private life.

Rare and occasional are the shots with her family of origin and those with her husband, who however does not fail to reveal his love in public when he has the chance. Today the journalist he made a special announcement, and he did it by sharing a post where she appears together with her husband. The shot that portrays them together is accompanied by a caption that thrilled fans. Social comments and best wishes were immediate. Here’s what the host revealed Life live.

Alberto Matano: “Minus two…”

Two and a little heart is the phrase that Alberto Matano placed alongside the beautiful photo that portrays him with Riccardo at a gala event. The two are elegantly dressed and appear very close-knit. But what is the journalist referring to? June 11th is the date of their wedding anniversary celebrated in 2022.

Matano with her husband for the anniversary – photo @albertomatano-

The two celebrated two years as spouses and apparently the love has not died down, on the contrary it is constantly growing for the couple. Lots of comments best wishes: from Mara Venier who remembered that she was there as he celebrated the union, to Stefania Orlando, but also the Marchioness of Aragon.

And then there are the wishes of ordinary people: “You are adorable, long live love, Alberto already misses you but enjoy your holidays, I’ll wait for you in September”, one user commented. It’s still: “Beautiful couple dear Alberto congratulations to your partner.”

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