Vladimir Luxuria, very serious live insinuation about her: “How much did he pay you to say that?” | She corrupted her without shame

Vladimir Luxuria – Ifood.it (Instagram source @vladimir_luxuria)

An ugly insinuation featuring Vladimir Luxuria arrives unexpectedly and leaves the audience speechless. The accusation is serious.

It had to be aIsland of the famous completely renewed and therefore attract more viewers than other years. And instead for Vladimir Luxuria things didn’t go as hoped.

When she accepted the hosting of the reality show which over the years saw her as a winner and then an appreciated commentator, her intent was probably to finally and definitively clear the figure of trans on television. And also make a leap in quality. Because it is undeniable that she held all the cards.

Unfortunately those cards were scatter and the game is almost lost. A cast that struggles to let go due to the CEO’s directives Pier Silvio Berlusconi which for some time has decided to adopt the “no trash” policy. And the presenter who tries to adapt, losing a little of the verve that has always distinguished her.

In this not exactly idyllic panorama, the public is as lacking as its interest, awakened only occasionally by the controversy that is taking place outside the studio, on social media. With a former castaway.

Vladimir Luxuria: the ugly insinuation

The expectations of Vladimir Luxuria before starting his new adventure atIsland of the famous they were tall, like everyone else’s. To the Courier he had in fact announced: “Let’s make entertainment, there will be laughs, there will be funny moments.” To then shield herself when they “accuse” her of “having killed” Ilary Blasithe old presenter.

Vladimir he replies and specifies: “This idea from the world of entertainment that as soon as someone turns their back you have to stab them doesn’t belong to me, I only use the knife to slice bread. I didn’t get rid of Ilary just as she didn’t get rid of Alessia Marcuzzi. Touch here, touch there. Today it’s my turn.”

Vladimir Luxuria – Ifood.it (photo Instagram @vladimir_luxuria)

“How much did he pay you?”. The uncomfortable question

Inconvenient was also an old episode of Sunday Livewhich featured our own protagonist Vladimir Luxuria and a guest girl in the studio. We are in 2017 and Alberico Lemme, the pharmacist who boasted of being almost a God on earth and managing to make all the “fatties” lose weight with a diet rich in fats created by him, is omnipresent on TV. Best man at the wedding of the girl in question who she claims to be recovered from anorexia thanks to the infamous diet Lemme. Managing to get married.

Everyone in the studio distances themselves from this very heavy statement, as well as Vladimir Luxuria who asks “How much did he pay you to say these things?”. A television moment that few forget.

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