Michelle Hunziker, here’s who’s really in her heart: her identity revealed | he is very famous for an absurd reason

Michelle Hunziker – Source: Instagram – iFood.it

This is who is in the heart of Michelle Hunziker, the identity revealed by the presenter herself who confesses to relying on him very often. Whenever she needs him, he is always there available.

Michelle Hunziker she is the well-known host and personality of the show, much loved by her audience. It is not only her laugh that is contagious but also her friendliness, with which she manages to make the viewers spend happy hours.

The beautiful Michelle is not only beautiful, talented and friendly, but she is also a professional in her field, as we are also noticing during the hosting of the new program, I Canto Family, where Auri’s mother together with Anna Tatangelo is taking her first steps in this new adventure. Furthermore, Hunziker is a much loved mother and grandmother, we are sure that her grandson Caesar he will always reserve big smiles for her, how could it be the other way around?

Fans are therefore not interested “only” in this side of the presenter’s life but also in all that part that concerns her private life. For example, you know who is in the Heart of the beautiful Michelle? He revealed his identity and is very famous, especially in Italy.

Who is in Michelle Hunziker’s heart?

Speaking of heart, that of Michelle Hunziker, for several years now, has suffered some cracks. Since the days of Eros Ramazzottithen followed by Tomaso Trussardito get to Alessandro Carollo, the presenter’s love life has followed ups and downs, unfortunately arriving at that sad epilogue that no one would have ever wished for her. Let’s say that fans of Michelle and Eros still hope to see them together again, as the two were truly a “Most Beautiful Thing” together.

In any case, from the rumors that have been circulating in recent days, also reading the article reported by, The Corriere dello Sportit seems that the fans will have to resign themselves, as Hunziker’s heart seems to have started “beating” again, thanks to Matteo Viezzer, a manager in the high fashion sector. According to the shots shown by Diva and Womannot only the two they would be together for a while, but it seems that Matteo is a good friend of Mattia Narduccipartner Anna Tatangelo, great friend of the Swiss presenter. What can I say, for now these are just rumorsas no one has confirmed this liaison so far, we just have to wait for official news.

Michelle Hunziker’s favorite dish – Source: Depositphotos – iFood.it

A myth of Italian cuisine

Regardless of all the gossip, there is a great love in the life of Michelle Hunziker that will never disappoint her, we are talking about Italian cuisine, whose dishes are known to be “the end of the world”. In a past interview, the beautiful presenter revealed the name of one of the first par excellence of our country, which is particularly close to her heart, that is, the pasta. This is how Cesare’s grandmother loves to eat it:

“There’s nothing better than when you’re hungry, but that hunger like that after training and you haven’t eaten for a while. A nice plate of paccheri with fresh sciue sciue cherry tomatoes with freshly picked basil…”. How can you blame her?

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