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  • The 43-year-old countess announced the death of her beloved dog with a very touching post
  • Tantra
  • He was at her side for over 15 years, now she is experiencing a very strong loss

The message is truly heartbreaking Giada De Blanck he dedicated to his beloved clittle lamb who passed away.

The 43-year-old TV face, who participated in the first edition ofIsland of the Famousis destroyed after the disappearance of Tantrawho had been by his side for over 15 years.

Giada, who is the daughter of Patrizia De Blanck, explained that she was experiencing the same sensations she had experienced when her father passed away, Giuseppe Drommiwho died in 1999.

Giada De Blanck, 43 years old, destroyed by grief over the death of her dog Tantra

Sharing a series of images in which he appears alongside the much-loved Tantra, he wrote: “My heart is torn apart by pain..since my father died I have been reliving indescribable sensations and I feel terrible.. I can’t breathe, I still don’t fully realize that you will no longer be here, you were my shadow, the extension of my soul and my heart, my All”.

“A piece of me went away with you! Our deep relationship was indescribable and those who lived there know how important you were to me… and as strong as I am, I always collapsed too. Because who knows my relationship and that of Tantra knows how much we were symbiotic for almost 16 years ..I did everything for him and he did everything for me…”he added.

It’s still: “I would never have wanted this day to arrive and not in such a traumatic way atrocious you looked for me even when you felt that your heart was giving out thinking that this time too we would make it together and I with you and you are never prepared for such a painful and ugly separation…”.

This time love didn’t win. .. and now I don’t know what I’ll do without you .. it’s the most atrocious and painful loss of my life together with that of my dad… I have a bad relationship with death, with detachment and with separating myself from what is part of me about me… there are no words but only so much pain… I struggle to speak, I can’t breathe when I realize that you are no longer with me… and that you will no longer be here… we were symbiotic on an unbelievable level”has continued.

Giada was very attached to Tantra

“No human being has given me what you have given me in fifteen and a half years of pure, unconditional and symbiotic love… I couldn’t ask for anything better! Eternally your love”he concluded.

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