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  • Umberto Broccoli stated this on ‘La Volta Buona’ on Rai1
  • Officially, the 84-year-old diva resides in Lugano, Switzerland

A little while ago a statement was made live on Rai that left many fans amazed Mina, perhaps the most famous Italian singer of all time. It was he who uttered a phrase that raised some eyebrows Umberto Broccoli live at ‘The right time’.

In the Rai1 program hosted by Caterina Balivo, in today’s episode, May 28, we talked about Mike Bongiorno.

At a certain point, the 84-year-old artist, who has been moving to for decades, was also mentioned Swissin Lugano.

According to Umberto Broccoli, Mina also lives ”partly” in Italy, that’s where

In the studio Susanna Messaggio states: “I happened to frequent her both in Milan and in Switzerland”.

At this point Broccoli, who is also an expert in music and TV, stated: But he also lives partly in Tuscany, but this can be said up to a certain point, I’ve said it directly now, never mind….

In short, he seemed to immediately realize that he had perhaps done one gaffe. In fact, a brief search does not reveal any information regarding Mina’s alleged stay in Tuscany for long periods. But maybe Broccoli has some news not in the public domain.

The only connection could perhaps be the birth of great-grandson of Mina, whose real name is Mina Anna Mazzini, in Versilia in 2018. Even the shot of the music diva that we propose in this article was taken in Tuscany, in Marina di Pietrasanta in 2020.

Umberto Broccoli, 69 years old, during today’s episode of ‘La Volta Buona’

The little one in question is Alma Panidaughter of Alex Pani, in turn the son of Mina’s firstborn Massimiliano Pani, had with the actor Corrado Pani.

Massimiliano himself recently spoke about his mother in an interview with ‘The Corriere della Sera’.

He said: “Mum made her choices in conscience and madness, without giving in to the lure of the ego, the environment and common thinking. She doesn’t like clothes or jewelry, she’s not a hoarder of objects: a Lugano he has lived in the same apartment since ’77. The truth is that Mina is not a singer, she is an intellectual. She gave up everything, even a mountain of money, with a serenity that I still envy her today.”.

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