Island of the Famous 2024, Dario Cassini eliminated to general amazement – DiLei

Island of the Famous 2024, Dario Cassini eliminated to general amazement – DiLei
Island of the Famous 2024, Dario Cassini eliminated to general amazement – DiLei

In the last episodes ofIsland of the Famous, some new castaways have been added to the cast of contestants on the reality show. Although the program is close to the final episode, therefore, some new faces, both known and unknown, have landed in Honduras to try to win the television show. They were Dario Cassini, Karina Sapsai and Linda Morselli. All three castaways were judged by televoting in the last week, together with Artur Dainese and Edoardo Franco. One of the last three arrivals finally had to leave the Island of the Famous and return to Italy. The comedian came out worst in the televoting Dario Cassini.

Dario Cassini lost the televoting

Like every evening episode ofIsland of the Famous, even in that of May 26, 2024 a competitor had to leave the beach, given that he came last in the televoting. The viewers have decreed the surprise return to Italy of Dario Cassini, even if the comedian was not seen as an underdog in the fight for televoting and, in fact, his elimination was greeted with amazement from the studio audience.

Dario Cassini, for his part, wanted to thank everyone, stating that he wanted a path just like the one he took: “Thank you because it’s beautiful, a life spent for the public really because it’s nice to give laughter, we don’t save lives, we make them a a little happier for a few hours. The truth of the matter is that in my heart this was the path I would set for myself and I said in the past, you’ll remember, I wouldn’t miss a few episodes from the studio for anything in the world to try to understand what it feels like to be on the other part”.

After thanking him, the comedian added that he can’t wait to return to Raffaele, his son, and that having seen the video message from Edoardo Stoppa’s children had moved him.

The rescue chain to decide the first named

After announcing the outcome of the televoting, Vladimir Luxuria began to address the thorny topic of nominations, a moment in which the game strategies and enmities between the castaways are revealed. To determine the name of the first contestant who would be put before the people’s judgement, the TV presenter started a special rescue chain, starting with the leader of the week Matilde Brandi, who decided to save her friend Samuel Peron. Subsequently, Edoardo Stoppa, Aras Senol and Edoardo Franco were also removed from the nomination danger. The last contestants to receive immunity from this special first nomination were Alvina Verecondi Scortecci, Khady Gueye and Linda Morselli, given that the model decided not to save her friend Artur Dainese.

The latter had to engage in a physical challenge with Karina Sapsai to avoid the nomination and, in the end, he won. Subsequently, a new rescue chain began to reach the second nomination and Matilde Brandi and Linda Morselli remained in the balance. The two competitors had to face a test that also included mud and the choreographer ended up in the televoting.

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