Federica Pellegrini: «I will teach my daughter to be a fighter. Let’s go to the pool already, but she will do what she wants »

From mother to daughter? Not for Federica Pellegrini and her little Matilde. Many thought that the champion’s eldest daughter had a destiny already sealed: to follow in the footsteps of her famous mother in the pool. Especially after a shot published on Instagram in which the swimmer shared the first time in the pool of her daughter born on January 3rd.

Instead, Federica Pellegrini prefers to be clear on this: the little girl has already been taken into the tub because “newborns come from the water and it is important to maintain this feeling immediately” she says in an interview given to Corriere della Sera. But he points out: «Matilde will certainly know how to swim, then she will do what she wants».

Federica Pellegrini in the swimming pool with little Matilde

The Italian champion posted the image with her daughter born in January in the swimming pool. Big smiles from the little girl and the mother writes: “The best feeling ever”

Words that make you understand the intention to leave the little girl free to choose both a possible sport other than swimming and not to follow a sporting career. A decision which is not even affected by the coincidence of the year of her birth: Matilde was born in 2024, the year of the Paris Olympics, while Federica Pellegrini was born in 1988, the year of Seoul. «Many are born in the Olympic year and then don’t play sports. It’s not mathematical» she says to Courier. Thus inviting us not to think of our daughter as predestined for swimming.

However, there is a lesson that mother Federica wants to pass on to her little girl: «Being a fighter. I think that’s the key to anything I want to do». And if in recent months “I have preferred to slow down”, soon, when she will participate in the Olympics as a new member of the IOC, she will be joined by her husband Matteo Giunta: “If his athletes do not qualify, he will come as a father and we will reverse the roles” she says .

Federica Pellegrini: «Matteo Giunta sleeps with the four dogs, I with the baby. We’re waiting to get out of the tunnel.”

The former swimmer and her husband talked about their first months as parents, and were very moved. Hence, the witty post from Divina, who published a tender shot with her little girl in her arms

After all, since January their life has changed with the arrival of the little girl. Priorities have changed, new emotions have arrived and even fears are different. «Now my fears are no longer for me, but are linked to this new life that was born and its growth, the fact of to be a good mother, to try to give her tools to be able to live in this more difficult world» concludes the swimmer.

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