“You women don’t understand one thing…”

After the broadcast of today’s episode of Men and Women, in which Mario Verona once again ended up in a storm at the study centre, the knight’s sister intervened again on social media. Here’s what happened!

In this edition of Men and womenIn the throne over a new knight has arrived who, at least initially, has attracted the sympathies of the ladies in the parterre and for whom, even months after his entry, potential suitors continue to arrive. We are talking about Mario Verona. The footballer began an acquaintance with several ladies, but with many of these the relationship ended rather abruptly.

Men and Women, Mario Verona also ripped off by Milena

During the episode of Men and women today, May 22nd, Mario Verona was once again the protagonist at the study center of the dating show Channel5 conducted by Maria De Filippi. After ending the relationship with Ilenia Caccavale, who told him in no uncertain terms that he was a man of little value, the knight agreed to continue dating with Milena Parisi. Although things are going well between them, the lady from Catania had already complained about ambiguous behavior on the part of the knight in the latest recordings.

MarioIn fact, according to the lady, when he was out of the program he showed that he cared a lot about her, he was jealous if she knew she had to go out with other men and their phone calls continued even for the whole day. When, however, they returned to the studio, Mario seemed more detached and he had even stated that he supported Ernesto Russo’s speech regarding fidelity: only if he was truly in love would he never betray his partner.

Milena she didn’t hide her disappointment in the face of the cavalier’s superficial behaviour: even though she had made him understand that she cared about him and that she wanted to have an exclusive, in order to understand if their association could lead to something, the knight preferred to send other ladies down who had come to the studio to meet him. This attitude of his was not appreciated either by the lady or by the studio, so much so Maria De Filippi she intervened and advised the knight to understand whether he wanted to continue being selfish or let go Milena, as he had no real feelings for her. Tired of this way of doing things, Milena she has definitively rejected the knight and seems determined to move on.

Men and Women, Mario Verona’s sister intervenes on social media: “You women still haven’t understood that…”

After today’s episode aired, his sister intervened in defense of the knight, Marta Verona. The latter, in fact, had already published messages against Ilenia, her brother’s old flame, for the harsh words she had addressed to Mario and now she has posted a shot in which she is portrayed together with her brother, with a long message in which she defends herself Mario and blames other women for not understanding its nature.

In the published post, the knight’s sister forcefully declared that her brother’s “only fault” was that of not knowing how to express himself naturally and that he is an honest and sincere person. On the contrary, Marta Verona continued, there are men who are slimy and liars and are constantly defended by women, while her brother, who is a good person, is thus publicly humiliated:

“I find myself making this post because my brother’s only “problem” is that he probably doesn’t know how to express himself fluently like many others and I like to express my opinion without him ever asking me. Unfortunately you women haven’t understood one thing , that if in your opinion a man is slimy, retarded, evil, a traitor and so on, no one forces you to hang out with him and get to know him. You can offend as much as you want, but my brother is honest and sincere, he hasn’t killed either I offended no one. You say that I defend him because I’m his sister and that’s not the case because my opinion is that I wouldn’t date a man like that, but that doesn’t mean I have to offend him, I’m a determined person and I know what I want. There are men who are liars and traitors , who pretend to be in love, yet you praise them. He openly expresses what is the point. And when a person is like this, if you don’t like him, don’t date him. Each of us must learn to choose what we want and what we don’t without blaming others others. As long as you don’t get this into your head, because you certainly portray yourself as the victim man/woman and are therefore angry, you can write whatever you want. But the one who is sick is you, certainly not him, who lives as he wants. Certainly when you insult, you are sorry, know that.”

On social media the behavior of Mario Verona it greatly annoyed the fans of the programme, for whom the knight’s attitude was very ambiguous and did not seem at all sincere. If initially Milena she seemed inclined to believe him and wait for her time, but now, however, the lady has grown tired of the knight’s indecision and has decided to put an end to her story.

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