Ilaria Salis, appeal accepted: she will be placed under house arrest

May 15, 2024 5:31 pm

Our compatriot, who will wear the electronic bracelet, is accused of aggravated assault and risks up to 24 years in prison



Nordio greets the news with satisfaction

“I would like to express my satisfaction with the news we have received about the granting of house arrest to Ilaria Salis”. Thus the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio before answering a question at question time in the Chamber.

Go ahead with the request for house arrest in Italy

The transfer to house arrest in Budapest for Ilaria Salis, decided by the Hungarian judges, opens the way that facilitates the stages for the possible return to Italy of the 39-year-old in Italy. The Italian authorities – we learn from government sources – could ask the Hungarian ministry – subject to any request from Salis’ lawyers – for the necessary documentation and send everything to the competent judicial authority for recognition and enforcement in Italy of the measure applied, according to the provisions of the European Council framework law of 2009, for the mutual recognition of decisions on “alternative measures to precautionary detention”. However, there would be inconsistent jurisprudence on the rule as the one applied to Salis is not a measure resulting from a final conviction, but a precautionary measure.

The lawyer: “Free on bail, she will wear the electronic bracelet”

Ilaria Salis’ lawyer, Gyorgy Magyar, specified that the house arrest is “a success for the defence. The Court of Appeal accepted our appeal. Ilaria has guaranteed that she will not escape and will have an electronic bracelet”. “The court is only waiting for the payment of the bail, which amounts to 40 thousand euros”, added the lawyer, who urged the prisoner’s family to pay quickly.

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