The wedding of Cristina Cairo and Raffaele Derba di Roda

The wedding was celebrated on Saturday 20 April in Milan, in the church of Santa Maria del Carmine Cristina Cairo, eldest daughter of Urbano, president and CEO of the RCS group, and Raffaele Derba di Roda, investment banker of Unicredit. Cristina, 26 years old, very elegant, with a veil and string of pearls on her long dress, bare shoulders, arrived at 3pm in Piazza del Carmine on her father’s arm, also attracting the attention of the patrons of the design week, who at that time crowded the streets in the heart of Brera.

«I was moved when I kissed my daughter at the altar. A strong emotion, I thought of my mother and father, how happy they would have been to be here with their first granddaughter» says Cairo. Bright eyes also for the bride’s mother, Tove Hörnelius, and for Raffaele’s parents, Paola and Mario Derba Di Roda. The line-up of the bride and groom’s brothers was impressive, all male, Cristina’s three and Raffaele’s four.

Long-time friends of the Cairo family took part in the ceremony and reception. Many well-known faces. The entrepreneurs Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and Diego Della Valle, the director of the «Corriere della Sera»,
Luciano Fontana, the director of «Gazzetta dello Sport», Stefano Barigelli, the director of Tg La7, Enrico Mentana, Aldo Cazzullo, Giovanni Floris. And for the world of football, two historic misters of Torino: Gianpiero Ventura, the longest-serving, in office for five years, and Gianni De Biasi, the first coach of the Cairo era, which began in 2005. Among the guests of the groom’s family, Ambassador Pietro Sebastiani.

Around 6.30 pm the guests reached the Da Vittorio restaurant, in Brusaporto (Bergamo). Long aperitif by the pool, dinner. And then the party until late at night.


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