“He preferred cocaine to me”

“He preferred cocaine to me”
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Loredana Bertè outspoken, as it has always been in his life and career on stage. The Italian singer decided to tell her story during the first episode of the new season of “Belve”, the Rai broadcast hosted by Francesca Fagnani. The Italian artist decided to tell the story of her tormented loves starting from her story with Bjorn Borg.

Bertè: the story with Bjorn Borg

Loredana Bertè he hides nothing when he talks about Bjorn Borg and in the course of “Belve” broadcast tells the whole truth about the Scandinavian tennis player: “He preferred cocaine in half and I couldn’t accept that”. But the end of their relationship was mainly due to the sexual requests of the Swedish champion: “We were in Florida and when she returned to the hotel she saw him pick up the phone and call room service. She asks for “two bitch, very bitch”. Two arrived, all dressed in leather, with whips. He told me we had to pay at another level. I took him, beat him up and left”.

Bertè-Borg: the meeting due to Panatta

Bjorn Borg was nicknamed “Ice Man” when he played and when he dominated the top of the world rankings. In some ways his way of being on the pitch, his playing style were the opposite of his great rival of the time John McEnroe. The truth is that Borg himself had a very difficult private life in his past, and his first approach to sport had been anything but icy. The first meeting between Borg and Bertè dates back to 1973 when she was introduced to the Swede by her boyfriend at the time, Adriano Panatta. In 1988 the meeting in Ibiza and in 1989 the wedding in Milan.

Loredana and her friendship with Zero

In the long interview with Francesca FagnaniLoredana Bertè also spoke about her friendship and the argument with Renato Zero but taking refuge in a doubt: “The rapprochement? It depends a lot on him”. And then also a passage about his sister’s death Mia Martini: “The phone rang all night and I never answered. I regret it bitterly because I can’t fix it and that event changed me, breaking my heart”.

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