Leonardo Del Vecchio said “yes”: but the Indian rite left everyone speechless!

Leonardo Del Vecchio, billionaire and member of the famous Luxottica family, and Jessica Michel pronounced their wedding vows in an evocative Indian rite. Sharing their joy with their followers, the couple published a joint post on Instagram declaring: “We said yes” and sharing their union with the world.

The wedding of Leonardo Del Vecchio and Jessica Michel Serfaty

Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio and the American actress and model Jessica Michel Serfaty have finally realized their dream of love with a romantic Indian ritual. After receiving the marriage proposal in 2023 from Leonardo, heir to the Del Vecchio empire and the Luxottica group, they are now officially husband and wife. Their love was born in 2017, during the celebrations of 100 years of Persol glasses, where they met for the first time.

From that moment, there was an irresistible attraction that united them more and more over the years. Leonardo stated some time ago: “We exchanged a few words, but from that first time an electricity was born that has never really divided us. Now I’m officially engaged and very happy to be so.” For more details on the exciting Indian wedding ceremony, visit the link provided.

Who is Jessica Michel Serfaty?

Jessica Michel Serfaty, full name of the well-known model and influencer, began her career way back in 2010 by successfully participating in the America’s Next Top Model competition, where she placed fifth. Her life took a major turn at just 16 years old, when she had her firstborn, Roman, the result of a relationship with a young man named Ididia Serfaty. Unfortunately, her romance with the father of her child collapsed shortly after Roman was born.

Subsequently, Jessica was at the center of many rumors and discussions due to her relationship with One Direction member Niall Horan. In those days, the ex-husband made statements to the Daily Mail underlining his disappointment with Serfaty’s behavior: “My wife left me and our son Roman to pursue her dream in Los Angeles.”

Despite the rumors and criticism received, Jessica has always fiercely defended her role as a mother, stating that she has always been present in Roman’s life and has always worked to ensure his well-being. She denied the accusations of abandonment, highlighting her constant involvement in her son’s growth through concrete gestures such as sending books and purchasing educational materials, thus demonstrating her love for her and her dedication to the family.

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