“Getting married wasn’t my goal, today I’m single” – DiLei

“Getting married wasn’t my goal, today I’m single” – DiLei
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Serena Bortone he is one of the best-known faces on Italian television. He currently leads What will be on Rai 3, after years spent in the living room of Today is another day on Rai 1, “ripped off” last summer. In the journalist’s life, work has always played an important role, also thanks to the teachings of her mother – “she always taught me to be independent”, she said – and on the contrary marriage remained on the sidelines. Does a woman need to get married to fulfill herself? Definitely not, as she herself reiterated in a new interview with Corriere della Sera.

Because Serena Bortone never married

The idea that, in order to fulfill herself in life, a woman necessarily needs to bind her life to someone in the bond of marriage still remains alive in some contexts – fortunately less and less so. An idea from which Serena Bortone has always completely stayed away.

Journalist, author and television presentercurrently airing with What will be on Rai 3, he reiterated to Corriere della Sera the concept: [Sposarmi, ndr] It wasn’t my goal and it didn’t happen. But the bourgeois marriage that is done to settle down It makes me choke just thinking about it“.

Not a choice in itself, but a stance towards an institution that has its importance when it sanctions the union of two souls, of common feelings and objectives. Certainly not a “duty”.

Proof of this is the fact that love has never been lacking in her life: “I’ve had two partnerships and now I’m single, with a large family of friends. I am always surrounded by affection, I don’t know what loneliness is. In recent years, I have also learned to travel alone. With irony, I say: it is never too late to have a happy childhood.” “I never dreamed of the white dress – she said in a previous interview – and I certainly never thought that my life could be fulfilled through marriage”. Then the memory of her mother’s teachings: “He always taught me to be independent“, which also extended to motherhood: “My identity does not depend on being a mother”.

Serena Bortone, the new adventure in writing

There is a tendency to demonize women who give priority to their work, putting aside what for some are still “duties”, such as marriage and motherhood. But for Serena Bortone, who has always had clear ideas in this regard, there has never been any doubt: commit yourself to your profession with dedication and effort it is a priceless satisfaction.

Also for this reason he suffered with deep regret the “rip” of that Rai 1 talk, Today is another day, which was canceled for no apparent reason other than to renew the afternoon schedules. She is currently back to managing What will bethis time broadcast on Rai 3, which unfortunately did not immediately yield good results: “We are taking steps in a difficult space and the signs are encouraging. I try to make an identity program for the Rai 3 where I grew up, Angelo Guglielmi’s, made up of authenticity, truth, reflection, attention to the least“.

She doesn’t lack optimism, like the awareness of always putting her best foot forward, remaining true to herself. In parallel with television hosting, Serena Bortone has just embarked on her first literary adventure. Her passion for writing has always been there – “I am full of stories, novels started and never finished, diaries that I wrote as a girl. For me, writing has always been therapeutic, because by putting doubts on paper, you objectify them and govern them,” she explained – but only now, in 2024, she managed to complete and publish her first book, Close to you so sweeta portrait of the 80s generation that she herself experienced firsthand.

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