Mara Venier reads a note on Israel by Rai CEO Roberto Sergio on Domenica In after Ghali’s words: storm

Mara Venier reads a note on Israel by Rai CEO Roberto Sergio on Domenica In after Ghali’s words: storm
Mara Venier reads a note on Israel by Rai CEO Roberto Sergio on Domenica In after Ghali’s words: storm

Storm up Sunday In and on state TV after theRai CEO Roberto Sergio he had a statement read live to Mara Venier concerning the editorial line followed by the public company on war in Israel.

The note comes after declarations of solidarity towards the Palestinians released by Ghali to Sanremo and on Sunday In.

The statement from CEO Roberto Sergio was read to Mara Venier on Domenica In

Mara Venier, live, explained that she received a note to read written by Roberto Sergio “regarding a statement about Israel and Palestine made by an artist during the Sanremo Festival”. It is remembered that Ghali, on the Ariston stage, at the end of his performance said: “Stop the genocide”referring to the facts of Gaza.

“Every day – we read in the statement read by the Rai CEO – our news and our programs tell and will continue to do so, the tragedy of the hostages in the hands of Hamas as well as remembering the massacre of children, women and men on 7 October. My solidarity with the people of Israel and the Jewish Community is heartfelt and convinced.

“These are the words, which we obviously all share, of our CEO Roberto Sergio,” concluded Mara Venier. Someone at Ariston raised a cry of protest: “Cite Gaza”.

Storm over Rai and Mara Venier

In the meantime, all hell has broken out on social media, with hundreds and hundreds of users showering Rai and the Venetian presenter with ferocious criticism.

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Some hot comments on X: “Shame”; “Mara Venier shared Ghali’s words and a statement in 4 hours of the program where she says exactly the opposite only to lick the ass of the upper levels and the government. HOW DISGUSTING”; On Sunday In the Rai first hosanna Ghali and his love of country then as soon as the singer expresses a thought on the conflict in Gaza, he is silenced with a statement in the style of the North Korean dictatorship”; “State TV is being exploited to manipulate facts and rewrite history: work is underway in The Hague to prevent this from happening again.”

A few minutes earlier there was another wave of protests on Domenica In and Mara Venier, which blocked a speech on migration made by Dargen D’amico.

The back and forth between the Israeli ambassador and Ghali

In the past few hours, the Israeli ambassador to Rome, Alon Bar, protested against Ghali’s words, using harsh tones: “I consider it shameful that the stage of the Sanremo Festival was used to spread hatred and provocations in a superficial and irresponsible way.”

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“In the massacre of October 7, among the 1200 victims, there were over 360 young people murdered and raped during the Nova Music Festival. Another 40 of them were kidnapped and are still in the hands of terrorists,” concluded Bar.

Ghali replied to the ambassador on Domenica In, before CEO Sergio’s statement was read: “I’m sorry that he responded in this way, there are many things to say, precisely these. And what should I use Sanremo for? I am a musician even before I am on this stage.”

And again: “I have always talked about this since I was a child, it hasn’t been since October 7th and the internet can document it. This thing has been going on for a while now. People are increasingly afraid of saying ‘stop the war and stop the genocide’ and the fact that he says this is not good, this continues politics of terror“.

“People feel that they are losing something if they say ‘long live peace’ and that must not happen. Italy brings completely opposite values. There are children involved,” concluded Ghali.

Photo source: ANSA

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