Monica Bellucci for a walk with Leonie and Deva Cassel

October 16, 2022 11:13 am

The paparazzi actress in Paris with her daughters after returning from a lunch with women

Walk among women

A stroll between mother and daughter under the warm Parisian sun is ideal after a lunch at a restaurant with women. Monica Bellucci, with her unmistakable stride and her face hidden by black goggles, takes a few steps back while her daughters chat to each other. “I’m protective, but I like to see them soar,” the actress said of her relationship with her daughters Deva Cassel (now 18 and who has embarked on a modeling career) and Leonie.

A mother hen

In a recent interview with French magazine Gala, she talked a lot about her role as a mother. Her advice mainly concerns nutrition and rest, confirming the stereotype of the Italian mother. She is a real mother hen, very protective of the girls born from the marriage with Vincent Cassel. “They are the most important people in the world,” she said. It is she who wakes them up in the morning, who prepares breakfast for them and who accompanies them to school as in an ordinary family, and not that of one of the most acclaimed stars in the world.

The daughters take flight

“Motherhood has given me something very strong and very beautiful. But I don’t want to be a closed mother. On the contrary. I’m happy to see them fly away,” said Monica Bellucci. And if Leonie is still too young to take her own path, the doors of the world of fashion have already opened for Deva Cassel. You have walked for prestigious brands and posed for the most important covers, following in the footsteps of her mother.


Monica Bellucci and Deva Cassel, the shots on Lake Como

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