“Where he went to live.” But something doesn’t add up

“Where he went to live.” But something doesn’t add up
“Where he went to live.” But something doesn’t add up

A new life, though Andrea Giambruno. In a few days, after the much talked about outbursts of Strip the Newseverything has changed: goodbye to Giorgia Melonithe prime minister and his now ex-partner, and also farewell to the management of Diary of the Dayin-depth analysis of Tg4 which he hosted on Rete 4.

And now a new piece is added to the revolution: after the change of life, even moving house. Yes, Giambruno has left the apartment where he lived with the Prime Minister and their daughter, Ginevra. And now, according to some rumors relaunched by Blueshousewould return to live near home, in Lombardy: the 42-year-old journalist is in fact originally from Lissoneon the outskirts of Milan, even if the province is that of Monza and Brianza.

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Giambruno’s family lives in Lissone, even though he was born in Milan. Nevertheless, something doesn’t add up about the rumors that he is returning to Lombardy: Diary of the day in fact it is broadcast from studio 2 of the Safa Palatino Center in Rome. So how could it continue to perform his role as an author for the program away from Rome? Of course, in Lombardy it would be closer to Cologno Monzese, the headquarters of Mediaset. In short, it is also possible that Giambruno is looking for a new place in Rome, which he might not even leave.

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