Benedetta Rossi was very worried when the traffic police arrived at her house: the reason is disconcerting

Benedetta Rossi – (Instagram photo)

She was very worried at that moment, as even the traffic police came to call her. But why all this fury?

Lately She can’t even stay calm in her own home, because there is always someone who finds a way to track her down. It’s okay to be famous, but that’s too much!

He told this to Alessandro Cattelan in the program “Cattelan is here tonight“, within which the presenter interviews and creates some nice skits together with the faces of the moment, both by allowing them to tell their stories and by having them participate in games. So that’s where the conversation came up.

It was a very fun time their and there were various topics that they addressed together. But this background also emerged from hereor the episode that made Benedetta Rossi worry and that doesn’t even allow her to stay calm in her home.

Even the police intervened and from this it becomes clear that human madness no longer has any limits. Fortunately, however, it seems that they will no longer be able to find her easily.

Very reserved despite her fame

It must be said that Benedetta Rossi, despite being famous thanks to social channels, on which she publishes both her recipes and fragments of daily life, she has always shown herself as a reserved woman, who tries to maintain a certain privacy as much as possible. Just think that she managed to keep even her marriage hidden from anyone.

In fact, she secretly married her boyfriend Marco in Hawaii, but the funny thing is that no one knew about her marriage, not even her family.the. In fact, she did everything in secret, since only her grandmother knew about it, and she then revealed the big step in a travel blog the next day. From this it can therefore be seen that she is a fairly reserved woman despite her fame, but lately she can’t even stay calm in her own home. Here’s what happened to her.

Benedetta Rossi – (Instagram photo)

Even contacted by the police

Benedetta Rossi is a woman so sought after that people do anything to find out where she lives and therefore reach her directly in her home. Recently she even went so far as to contact the police in her area to find out her address.

These were his words: “Once it happened to me that the police arrived with two traffic police cars. They came up worried because they said there were hundreds of calls from people who wanted to come and visit me and so they didn’t know what to answer. Whether it was appropriate to say exactly where I lived or not.“It’s absurd what people will do to get his address.

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