Light piadina with hamburger, the recipe that doesn’t make you regret fast food but keeps you fit and healthy: try it to believe it

The piadina with the hamburger ready to eat – (Instagram screenshot)

We all know piadina, but we’ve never eaten it stuffed like this: let’s use it in an original way and avoid fast food in a few steps

This is a very substantial single dish that we can prepare in five minutes when we don’t feel like cooking but are very hungry.

In a very short time we can bring a truly piadina to the table tasty and different from the usual: the recipe is super easy and will require minimal effort which will be amply rewarded. Piadina is a very versatile food that we can use with various condiments and ingredients: let’s try this idea too and we won’t regret it.

For one person we will need one piadina170 grams of minced meat choice (we can use the one we prefer: beef, veal, pork, chicken or even mixed will be fine), tomatoes date tomatoes, gherkinshalf onion, lettuce to taste, salt, pepper, two tablespoons of Greek yogurt and a spoonful of Ketchup.

We got it right, we’ll do one piadina with hamburger and we can be sure that it will make us forget about fast food sandwiches: our recipe is healthier.

How to cook meat

First of all, we put a pan large enough to contain the piadina on the heat and start heating it. We take the piadina and place the minced meat in the center. Mash it so as to distribute it over the entire surface of the piadina.

Turn the piadina onto the now hot pan so that the side with the minced meat is in contact with the surface of the pan. Let’s cook a high flame for two or three minutes, then flip it over to the other side and continue cooking for another couple of minutes. We then season the meat – which will end up facing upwards – with salt and pepper.

The filling of the piadina: on top of the minced meat we arrange the gherkins, onion, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and finally the sauce made with Greek yogurt and ketchup – (Instagram screenshot)

How to complete the piadina filling

At this point we can also place the other ingredients that we have previously cut on the now cooked meat slices: cucumber, onion and cherry tomatoes. Then add the lettuce and season with the sauce that we have prepared by mixing well two tablespoons of Greek yogurt and a tablespoon of ketchup.

Now that we have inserted all the ingredients, we close the piadina by folding one half over the other and taste it immediately, keeping in mind that we are eating a full mealwith a contribution of 415 calories.

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