X paid for everyone? Elon Musk’s idea against bots

Elon Musk’s latest idea is make X (the former Twitter) paid for all users. The owner of the social network introduced this possibility during a live streaming conversation with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister.

for payment?

The small monthly payment imagined by Elon Musk to be able to have a profile on X, it would be useful for eliminate the bot problem present on the platform. As the site reports TechCrunch, Musk did not specify the sum that could be requested from the user simply to have their profile active, but he referred to a small sum, explaining how even the cost of a fraction of a dollar would be useful in discouraging the use of bots . Not only because having several fake bots would become expensive on a monthly basis, but also because another payment method would be needed to open a different profile. A technical quibble that would be useful in blocking these fake users who post automatically and help spread fake news.

the difference with the premium

This type of subscription would only serve to have the profile and it would not bring the user the benefits of the Premium subscription which has already been introduced by Musk for the purchase of the blue check. The paid profile currently present on . The Premium service has a cost that varies depending on whether it is activated by iOS, Android or web users and between different countries around the world. All additional services that would not be added in Musk’s micro subscription version of the studio.

income drops

For the moment, Elon Musk’s seems like a statement launched into the sea of ​​the web and social media, almost as if to understand the reaction of users, rather than a plan already defined. It is certainly one of the ways in which the entrepreneur imagines changing the former Twitter with the aim of transforming it into an app not only for micro-blogging as it was in the origins but in which you can find different functions and become a sort of starting point for navigation. During the meeting Musk also revealed how X is generating negative cash flow with a 59% drop in advertising revenue compared to last year.

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