New Fiat Panda: it will be Stellantis’ secret weapon to beat the Chinese

New Fiat Panda: it will be Stellantis’ secret weapon to beat the Chinese
New Fiat Panda: it will be Stellantis’ secret weapon to beat the Chinese

2024 will be the year the new Fiat Panda. As we told you yesterday, tests will begin shortly in Italy for the prototype of the model which is not yet known where it will be produced. The debut of this vehicle could take place on 11 July 2024, the day on which Fiat celebrates 125 years. However, we cannot exclude that the first images of the future generation of the famous car could be revealed already in the months preceding that date, as happened this year with the new Fiat Topolino and Fiat 600.

With the new Fiat Panda the Turin company does not fear Chinese competition

Regarding the new Fiat Panda, today we record some statements released to the newspaper La Repubblica by the number one of the main Italian car manufacturer, CEO Olivier Francois who declared that the new Panda that we will see next year could be Stellantis’ real ace in the hole to defeat the Chinese competition. Francois stated that the electric version of this car, which will be born on the platform STLA Small, it could represent the right recipe with which Fiat will keep up with the Chinese competition which seems to be increasingly fierce in Europe.

According to Olivier Francois, with the new Fiat Panda the car will return to its origins by focusing on essentiality, a bit like what happened in the 80s with the first Panda and giving its customers a low-cost electric car that could allow everyone to be able to buy a zero-emission car. The design of this model will be close to that of the Fiat Centoventi concept car and the car will also be strongly linked to the new one Citroen e-C3 which debuts next month.

The car will obviously maintain a strong link with the typical elements of the brand and in particular with Italian style and value for money. Regarding the price, it is rumored that that of the 100 percent electric version could be less than 25 thousand euros, net of incentives.

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