Awning bonus: what is it and how does it work?

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You can officially apply for the awning bonus, the facilitation designed ad hoc to mount tools in defense of the sun. Let’s see in the following article everything you need to know about it, how it works and how you can request the bonus.

The awning bonus has also been confirmed in the Italian legal system for 2023 and 2024. This is one of the measures that has been envisaged among the various concessions that fall under the Ecobonuses, i.e. those incentives relating to building renovation and energy efficiency.

Awning bonus: how does it work?

Let’s see in the following article what the 2023 awning bonus is and how it works. As mentioned, this is a tax break that will be recognized for both 2023 and 2024, to all those who are entitled to it. The bonus was designed to purchase and arrange solar shading works or mobile blackout technical closures. The bonus was introduced by Conte government in August 2020.

Awning bonus: how does it work at a tax level?

We see how the tax bonus can be used. Those who intend to request the bonus and use it, will have three different alternatives:

  • deduction IRPEF over 10 years in installments;

  • transfer of the tax credit to a third party;

  • direct discount on invoice.

Awning bonus: who gets it?

Let’s see now who gets the bonus awnings. First of all, the deadline for requesting the bonus is 2024, as the bonus has been officially extended. The application can be made by those who fall into these categories:

  • owners of individual residential properties;

  • owners of common parts of residential buildings, i.e. apartment buildings;

  • taxpayers who support the costs of energy requalification;

  • holders of the real right on the real estate units constituting the building.

Awning bonus: how to request it?


Let’s finally see how the 2023 awning bonus can be requested. Taxpayers interested in obtaining the 2023 awning bonus will have to comply with certain conditions imposed by ENEA. People who intend to benefit from the tax deduction for the 2023 awning bonus, by accessing the User Area of ​​the Agency’s website.

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