Car noises, when you hear these intervene immediately: solve everything without a mechanic

Our vehicles speak to us: it is not an exaggeration, but the truth. The car, often making some unexpected noises, often tells us that something is wrong. As in this case.

If we ever hear specific noises when we are on board the our carseven if we don’t recognize it provenance and the naturewe should always pay big Attention.

As it is known, the car has a dense and complex mechanism through which the mechanical process takes place ed electric from the conduction: every noise, especially if unexpected and unedited, must make us stay in alert.

When we hear one, in reality, it doesn’t mean (at least not always) that there is something deeply serious: or that something is wrong in any case. CheckHowever, it costs nothing.

And if these noisesespecially if long-lasting, feel with dubious provenance, then it might be the case for interventions really necessary, and moreover timely. Which ones and in which cases?

Car noises, what you need to do and quickly

Sometimes, if you don’t take the initiative right away, the noise we hear, which is a bit like a cry of alarm, it can immediately become a serious consequence for our car. For example?


If you hear a squeak, or a major buzz sometimes, whether it’s from under the hood or from tires may mean to indicate a really serious problem that requires the intervention of the mechanical.

If it concerns the joints, for example, which transmit power to the wheels, the click may want to concern a defect to the tree from the transmission: this could mean a leak or reduction of engine oil or low pressure or a problem with the valves. Or even worse.

Noise under the bonnet – what does it mean?

If the noise as mentioned comes from under our hood, then it is generally accompanied by a leak: it can concern the cooling system for example. What to do in this regard?


If the problem persists even with the car off, then it could mean that you are losing oil or refrigerant from the collector I unload: or is there a fault with the flexible or to one of the fittings.

In all these cases there is very little else we can do, beyond an immediate awareness of the fact that there is a problem that goes beyond the reach of ours, any, skills.

Unless you have car mechanic experience, we’d better get into one quickly garage to do check our vehicle.

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