Watch out for Tesla: if the factory in Berlin doubles…

Watch out for Tesla: if the German factory doubles, bringing it to one million pieces a year, the impact on the European market becomes worrying for competitors.

Elon Musk: Double the capacity of Grunheide

Watch out for Tesla: a million cars are a huge amount, a rifle aimed at the historical competitors

Tesla has initiated the process at the State Office of the Environment to expand theat the Grünheide factory, in Brandenburg, not far from Berlin. The brand of Elon Musk speaks of changes to the existing plant, minimizing, but a spokesman for the State Office claims that Tesla he wants to do things big. Expanding production capacity from the current 500,000 to one million vehicles a year, a goal already leaked in recent months. And so in Germany the debate already seen at the time of the authorization to build the plant reopens. With a rift between those who argue that the doors are wide open to a Trojan Horse which will make a single bite of the made in Germany. And who instead points out that a factory in Europe Tesla would have built it anyway and might as well take advantage of it create work on site and nowhere else. The state and regional offices will have to think about untangling the skein, which will also have to examine the problems of environmental sustainability places from possible expansion.

watch out for Tesla

The current configuration of the plant in Grunheide, Germany.

If production increases and prices cut again…

According to the local newspaper Märkische Oderzeitungthe expansion affects 70 hectares north of the site. And, according to Tesla, he wouldn’t do it additional water consumption, one of the most critical points during the construction of the factory. Tesla explains that he has “optimized planning and production processes. So that the previously used and contractually agreed quantities of fresh water are also sufficient for this expansion“. Instead of fresh water, the project plans to treat e reuse waste water generated during production. According to the agency dpaTesla is already producing now 4,000 cars per week, approx 200,000 a year, with 10,000 employees, destined to become 12,000 in the coming months. It is obvious that such an important productive climb raises many questions. One concerns the potential of Tesla to further reduce costsAfter recent cuts which brought the Model 3’s strike price down to 41,490 euros. Another concerns the cars that would be produced in Grunheide: what if the small da were also in sight 30 thousand euros?

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