Speed ​​cameras, if you drive like this it cannot detect you: goodbye fines forever

Speed ​​limits on the streets – solomotori.it

Speed ​​limits are an important topic for road safety in Italy, as careless driving can cause serious accidents.

In Italy, i speed limits they are established by the Highway Code and vary according to the type of road, traffic conditions and weather conditions. Here are some examples of speed limits in Italy:

  • Highway: the maximum speed limit is 130 km/halthough in some sections the limit may be lower.
  • Main suburban roads: the maximum speed limit is 110 km/h.
  • Secondary extra-urban roads: the maximum speed limit is 90 km/h.
  • Urban streets: the maximum speed limit is 50 km/halthough in some areas the limit may be lower.

It is important to respect the speed limits, not only to avoid fines, but also to ensure road safety. In the event of an accident, excessive speed can aggravate the consequences of the accident.

Police forces in Italy use different tools to measure the speed of vehicles, such as Speed ​​Cameras And telelaser which use a radar connected to a camera or a laser beam to determine how far the road user is travelling.

What behaviors guarantee us not to trigger the speed detector?

It is important to first note that speed control systems must be approved and certified, in order to guarantee its reliability and accuracy. Also, speeding tickets can be disputed, if you believe you have been fined unfairly.

Autovelox and measurement tolerance – solomotori.it

Furthermore, since the instrumentation is in any case subject to possible measurement errors, a certain degree is in any case guaranteed for vehicles circulating on the road tolerance threshold which varies according to the limits imposed in a particular area. If we are traveling on a street with a speed limit of 50 km/h, we will be able to travel up to 55 km/h as the 5 km/h are subscribed as a possible source of detection error. Things change when the limits are higher, as the expected tolerance threshold is equal to 5%. If, for example, we are traveling on the motorway with a limit of 130 km/h (unless otherwise indicated), it will be possible to travel up to 136.5 km/h.

The sanctions which one encounters for not respecting the speed limits are very heavy and also involve loss of points licenses and, in some cases, the withdrawal of the same.
If the limit, including the tolerance, is exceeded by a maximum value of 10 km/hthe fine varies from 42 to 173 euros without loss of points. In the event that the maximum allowed value between i 10 and 40 km/h fines range from 173 to 695 euros with a relative reduction of points equal to 3.

We come to the more cases extremes: if you are traveling at a speed that exceeds the limit by a value between i 40 and 60 km/h you risk up to 2,174 eurosor fine e 6 license pointsWhile over 60 km/h the maximum penalty is 3,389 euros, 10 points on the license and the Suspension immediate thereof. Obviously the recidivism of the infringements also has its weight, and in the latter two cases it could cost you much more, up to the complete revocation of the license!

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