one in four households cannot pay the mortgage

one in four households cannot pay the mortgage
one in four households cannot pay the mortgage

Italy poverty alert: on the basis of a survey conducted it has emerged that one Italian family out of four cannot pay the mortgage.

The Italian economic situation was strongly affected by the pandemic crisis and the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine. These phenomena were followed by the energy crisis and the increase in the inflation rate, in addition to the well-known employment crisis.

Nurse news – Italy poverty alarm

In short, the picture is really disastrous, even if the numbers speak of growth and hope for the future. However, based on the results emerging from the research presented at the event “SalvaLaTuaCasa – An ethical and sustainable alternative to controlled liquidation” it turned out that one out of four Italians is unable to pay the mortgage payment.

The Nomisma investigations have found, in Italy, a poverty alert which involves a whole series of negative consequences, especially of a psychological nature (e.g. anxiety and stress).

Italy poverty alert: the Nomisma survey

Nomisma is the strategic and business consulting firm that conducts investigations into certain phenomena. Recently, she has taken care of the state of anxiety of Italian families. Apparently, in Italy, about 65% of households feel insecure and moderately anxious after the events of the last two years: pandemic and war.

These phenomena have not only undermined the psychological serenity of many families, but they have concretely acted on many economic aspects. Between the uncertainty of the future and the anguish of the present, most Italian families confirm that they do feeling under stress. In particular, 53% admit to having experienced at least once stressful situations related to installment payments including, above all, the mortgage payment.

There were several elements that negatively influenced the phenomenon, including the interventions of the ECB which, to counter the rate of inflation, is due intervene several timesin 2022 and also in 2023, by increasing interest rates on mortgages.

The problem has not affected those who have chosen a fixed rate. However, it had an excessively negative impact on citizens who had stipendsusing a loan agreement with a variable rate. These people have seen their monthly amount almost double, until they have difficulty honoring payments.

Let’s look at the data

About 4% of Italian families declared that they have accumulated arrears, even minimal. For about 13% of families, the payment of monthly installments has never been questioned, even if it was necessary to cut back on other expenses.

The problem also affects other installment payments, i.e. financing for the purchase of a car, household appliances and so on.

About 36% of Italian families believe that the own economic situation has worsened somewhat, in the last 12 months. For 9%, the situation is markedly worsened. 35% of households expect a further deterioration in the course of the new year. Proof of the fact that even the future seems uncertain.

Of these, 21% believe that probably will not be able to repay the loan regularly, in the next 12 months. While 3% say they will definitely not be able to repay the mortgage.

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