all thanks to an Opel Corsa

all thanks to an Opel Corsa
all thanks to an Opel Corsa

Stellantis has recently recorded extraordinary numbers to say the least. This time, however, surprised in particular.

Stellantis is a solid and compact group, which has managed over time to extricate itself within the present automotive market and will most likely succeed in the future as well. Above all thanks to the merger between FCA and PSA, it is impossible to deny it, but the great work carried out by the large automotive group that always aims for the best in the automotive sector remains.


He is also doing it through record after record, which are undeniable and truly numerous. Now it seems that another one has arrived, a sign of the great work that Stellantis is carrying out. In this article we will try to explore as much as possible what appears exactly as the constant realization of a great job of the great family which also concerns a large slice of Italy. Let’s find out more about it.

Stellantis, yet another success arrived: and thanks to Opel

As anticipated, Stellantis has been collecting success after success for some time, which allows the European brand to distinguish itself more and more positively within the automotive market. This time the smile to the giant of the four wheels has given it the Opel Corsa-e; a hundred percent electric model, which represents the be 15 millionth car produced in the Stellantis factory in Zaragoza in Spain. A phenomenal achievement to say the least, which confirms not only the great work carried out by Stellantis over time, but also the importance of a system that respects and amplifies the constant and almost perfect working methodology.

Stellantis, Tavares can be proud of yet another milestone achieved by

Made possible, in the case of the Spanish factory in Zaragoza, thanks to 41 years of activity. Set up in 1982, the plant exclusively produces the 100% electric Corsa-e version. The plant in question is equipped with a self-consumption solar system that covers a third of the electricity needs. The results we are describing have allowed Stellantis to enjoy another phenomenal achievement. And let’s not talk about luck, chance or superficial achievement of the brand’s extraordinary potential.

Getting to the top is more difficult than making a ruinous and inevitable fall. If this has not happened to Stellantis and its collaborators, it confirms once again the goodness of the project born on January 16, 2021 and which does not seem to show any signs of decreasing performance. Despite the economic crisis that has also affected motoring, there has been no shortage of satisfaction and there will be no shortage of satisfaction from now on. And, of course, not only thanks to the Zaragoza plant.

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