Ford, the collaboration with Volkswagen starts: Explorer Sport I arrives The heir to the Fiesta


The future of cars, productions and successes on the market of the big brands passes (also) through the forward-looking agreements and partnerships that certain giants know how to create. An example?

That’s exactly what they intended to do on the one hand Ford and on the other the Volkswagen: a sensational and fruitful full-fund operational participation, the results of which are already imminent.

Which? It will be enough to wait a few more days, embracing what is, incidentally, the canonical date to which it is customary to attach the beginning of spring to see blossom the new ‘flowers’ of prestigious duo.

From the March 21stin fact, the launch of the new course will arrive Ford And Volkswagen they are focusing on the Blue Oval produced by the electrical structure meb of the Germans, in Cologne.

What is about to be born is the new model Explorer Sport crossoverswhose announcement has already arrived in a generic way during the launch of the new electric vehicles of the Ford.

Volkswagen and Ford: the design agreement

All this will serve to make sure that in the structure of Colony, in fact, we arrive at the replacement – even if partial – of the out put of the fiesta with the new engines (the Ice) with the stop of the operational chain scheduled for 2023.


What will happen next? It is easy to say and, as indeed even the well-informed know, it has already been discussed, if only between drafts and rumors during the previous reference period.

From the 2024, or at least within this year, others will have to arrive 2 types of vehicles which they will be one hundred percent with electric motorand which will focus, at least in part, precisely on the above link.

In short, at least in one case of the two, there will be Volkswagen platform behind these new launches. All in the category of an important investment path, it seems over 1.8 billion euros.

Partnership towards the future: Ford and Volkswagen join forces

The basic idea is then to expand the current structure with a new axis in charge of assembling the batteries which they will operate from 2024.


All in keeping with the engagements and, also, do not lose the field nor the path to the rout of electrification which is now the new challenge of all the greats competitor of the sector.

Slowing down, giving up crucial steps, not being ready would be a serious mistake: a race, the one that leads to electric mobility, which in Old World it seems just the beginning.

But you know, well begun is already half done, and in Fordas in Volkswagen, they are committed to designing the electric car of the future and, above all, not losing power, markets and appeal.

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