Is a Chinese FIAT Panda on the way? It’s practically identical

Is a Chinese FIAT Panda on the way? It’s practically identical
Is a Chinese FIAT Panda on the way? It’s practically identical

FIAT has one of its flagship models in the Panda and has recently launched a new, truly affordable electric version.

There is more and more insistent talk of the definitive transition to the electric world for cars, even if 2035 should no longer be the year X of this epochal change.

Despite this, it is normal that the various companies are trying to renew their range more and more and make sure to give life to top-level vehicles in the electric version, with the FIAT than with the new one Panda seems to have been able to hit the mark.

FIAT Panda (AdobeStock)

To announce an expansion of electric cars within the Stellantis group it was just the CEO of the company, that is Carlos Tavareswho specified that there should be almost a doubling of electric models in production.

In fact, there are currently 22 cars with batteries that are being put on the market, but the number will have to rise to 30 in 2023 and then to 42 in 2024 and one of these novelties seems to involve the Panda.

It is an idea that has been teasing the world for several years Stellantis Group, above all because we are talking about a model that has already been widely appreciated in the past in its diesel and petrol versions, without forgetting the 4×4 that is now out of production.

The problem is that a new one was born a few weeks ago Electric Panda Mini and which is put on the market at the very low price of only 5000 eurosbut there’s a problem: it’s not a FIAT.

The manufacturers of this new model are the Chinese company managers of Geely, with the latter having decided to use this historical name of the Italian industry, thus anticipating the competition of the same Stellantis group.

New electric Mini Panda: because Geely anticipated FIAT

The reason why the Stellantis group is forced to stand by and accept so the birth of a new Mini Panda is linked to the fact that in China the company does not have the slightest power.

The brand “Panda” has not been registered in the eastern market and therefore nothing has prevented Geely to give life to a very small model, but one that has largely been based on the “original” pandas. Its length is approximately 3 meters, for a width of 1.50 meters and a height which stands at 1.60.

Inside it has a battery that can be modified according to the needs of the buyer, with the standard version being from 9.6 kWh, while the more performing one is from 17.3 kWh. In the first case, they can thus be traversed 120km before refueling, while in the second case you can go up to 200km.

Extremely technological and sophisticated inside, with a 9-inch display and a system Bluetooth which allows connection with mobile phones. The starting price is therefore really reduced to a minimum, with the maximum reaching 7,400 eurosbut for a basic version with 5000 euros you can have the Panda of the future that is not branded FIAT.

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