Road test and reviews of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023, the best-selling crossover in these first few months

Road test and reviews of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023, the best-selling crossover in these first few months
Road test and reviews of the new Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023, the best-selling crossover in these first few months

The new model Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023 has just been launched and represents an example of a successful vehicle, as demonstrated by the sales statistics for the first months of 2023. In particular, the plug-in version stands out for its high power, which makes it the most performing in the range, and for the sporting performance it delivers, including quick acceleration, cornering stability and top-level braking.

The driving position, characterized by a seat that can be adjusted forwards and backwards, allows tall drivers to feel at ease. The design of the aluminum shift paddles, located on the steering column, is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easy and intuitive to use. Let’s find out the details:

How Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023 goes on the road

Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023 is based on mechanical platform of the Jeep Compass, but has been profoundly evolved, especially with regards to the steering and suspension. It features a spacious and elegant design and offers cutting-edge technologies, including advanced driver assistance systems and LED matrix headlights. Even in the basic version, The multimedia system is responsive, intuitive and feature-rich.

The suspension and steering they have been carefully tuned to offer high performance: the former limit body roll, while guaranteeing a good capacity to filter out the roughness of the road, even with 20-inch rims. The steering is sporty, with greater precision than that of the Jeep Compassand very direct for the vehicle type, with a 15% increase over the reference model.

As for the choice of engines, there are the 1.6 Multijet, featuring lively response and good torque, and the new 1.5 liter hybrid petrol engine. The latter adopts a hybrid system halfway between mild and full systems, with the electric motor integrated into the seven-speed dual-clutch robotised gearbox. With its 20 HP, the electric motor allows you to move the car without emissions for a few metres, provided you stay below 30 kilometers per hour. The battery is placed under the tunnel between the seats, without compromising the boot.

The four-cylinder engine is available in two power levels: 130 or 160 HP, with the second specific for the Tonale and characterized by a variable geometry turbocharger, a common solution in diesel engines but rare for petrol ones. The thermal and electric units work in synergy, but only by selecting the Dynamic driving mode is it possible to obtain a velvety throttle and gearbox response worthy of the Alfa Romeo brand. In Natural mode, which is the default one and which is activated at every start, the car is less reactive to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

In the future, one will also be launched 275hp 4×4 plug-in version with a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023: what convinces about the crossover

Considering i lower consumption data and the greater drive torque which increases driving responsiveness, as well as the price equivalent to that of the less powerful hybrid version, starting at around 36,000 euros, one can evaluate thepurchase of Alfa Romeo Tonale diesel powered. If you plan to use the car infrequently and for a short time, it may make sense to opt for a petrol hybrid version, especially the 160 HP one which offers performance more compliant with the requirements of an Alfa Romeo car.

The crossover is equipped with all the most advanced driver assistance systems permitted by law, including those for semi-autonomous driving. The steering is among the most precise and direct of any midsize crossover, and the car is nimble without feeling uncomfortable. The hybrid system is highly intelligent and advanced, while the infotainment is intuitive and highly evolved.

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