Skeptical Italy. And the investments go to Spain

Italy skeptical about electricity. And so the investments of the car giants go to Spain, following a script already seen in the production of traditional cars.

Skeptical Italy and Valencia celebrates the new VW battery factory

There are those who bet (and invest) on the future and those who limit themselves to entrenching themselves on the existing. Italy joined this second party some time ago, with a three-way alliance between government, entrepreneurs and trade unionsi allergic to any kind of innovation. And so the capital goes elsewhere, to countries where not only are there the best conditions for investing, but moves are made at the highest levels to convince create work on site. In Valencia he bothered ithe king himself, Felipe VI, to celebrate the start of construction of Volkswagen Group’s second European Gigafactory, through the company PowerCo. With lul the premier Pedro Sanchez and the president of the Region of Valencia, Ximo Puig. The plant will be operational from 2026 and will take longer 3 thousand people, creating an induced estimated at approx 30 thousand workers. The production capacity (the plant is in Sagunto, on the outskirts of Valencia) will initially be 40 GWh per year, but with the potential to rise to 60 GWh.

skeptical Italy

Madrid has outclassed us in traditional cars. And now…

PowerCo aims to produce using 100% green electricity, from solar and wind energy. And Prime Minister Sánchez remarked that “the factory that will be built here demonstrates the Spanish Government’s commitment to innovation and sustainable mobility”. Government that has held a very clear position in the clash on the 2035 deadline for the EU ban on the sale of thermal cars. Declaring himself clearly in favor of the decision taken by the Commission and confirmed by Parliament, and now called into question precisely from Italy and Germany. Moral of the story: Spain is draining electricity investments from all the big builders, including Stellantis. A film already seen in the production of traditional cars, as confirmed by the 2022 data. Italywhich was once among the leaders, slipped to 7th position, with 476 thousand units produced. Spain is 2nd in share 1.7 millionpreceded by Germany alone with 3.3 million.

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