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During 2022, Iliad Italy continued to expand the coverage of his proprietary mobile networkin particular by implementing more the 5G coverage. Also, the situation of Iliad’s mobile broadcast sites and RAN Sharing agreements with WINDTRE are changed after the creation with the latter of Zefiro Net.

As already reported by MondoMobileWeb, on the day of yesterday, March 16, 2023, Iliad Group has published i updated financial results as at 31 December 2022therefore relating to the entire year that has just ended, which also include i data from Iliad Italy.

In particular, in addition to the number of users, the Group has provided some data updated at the end of 2022 on the proprietary mobile network of Iliad Italia.

First of all, just about the mobile network, among the strategic initiatives of 2022 the Iliad Group recalled the April 2022 agreement for the creation of Joint Venture between Iliad Italia and WINDTRE with RAN Sharing agreement for mobile network coverage in areas with low population density. He did the same too CK Hutchisonthe company wholly controls WINDTREin the end-2022 results published yesterday.

After receiving the authorizations from the Italian authorities, the agreement was finalized last January 3, 2023when WINDTRE and Iliad Italy have officially given birth to Zefiro Net srlthe Joint Ventures held at 50% by the two Italian telephone operators that it will be responsible for jointly manage and develop their respective mobile networks, including 5G, in less densely populated areas of Italy.

As announced by the two operators, Zefiro Net Srl bought the ownership and technical managementon behalf of the two partners, of the physical infrastructure which allows for the provision of mobile radio services in an area where it resides about 26.8% of the Italian population.

According to the data reported by Iliad groupbased on the signed agreement, Iliad Italia has acquired 50% of the shares in the joint venture for 319 million euros which owns the network and manages RAN Sharing services on behalf of Iliad and WINDTRE. The cost of the purchase will be recognized in a period of four years. The joint venture will be recognized in the financial statements of the Iliad Group starting from 3 January 2023 for the amount of the share pertaining to the Group in the assets, liabilities, income and charges of the joint venture.

The new data on the Iliad mobile network

About mobile networkthe Iliad Group has communicated that as of January 1, 2023 Iliad Italy had a total of about 16200 active mobile mobile transmission siteswith a coverage in 4G/4G+ technology equal to over 99% of the Italian population.

This data includes the proprietary mobile network of Iliad Italiawith over 9470 active mobile sitesimplemented in densely and medium densely populated areas that are home to 73.2% of the population, and over 6730 mobile sites in non-densely populated areas managed by the new company Zefiro Net through the RAN Sharing agreement with WINDTRE.

As reported by Iliad Group, during 2022 Iliad Italia implemented 413 new mobile sites and activated 794.

As stated by the Group, these data are however affected by the shutdown of several hundred sites under the RAN Sharing agreement with WINDTRE. Indeed, it is noted that to 30 September 2022according to official data provided by Iliad, there were 9898 active mobile transmission sites, more than the 9470 indicated at the end of 2022.

It is recalled that, as part of its initiatives for the environmental sustainabilitylast October 26, 2022 Iliad Italy officially and publicly communicated his voluntary energy optimization planwhich contains actions aimed mainly at make consumption more efficient.

In particular, Iliad Italia has developed a night-time switch-off solution for some frequencies on the mobile network which, according to the company, allows you to obtain reductions from 5% to nearly 10% in energy consumption of each radio site involved, without affecting the service offered to customers.

Change the RAN Sharing agreement with WINDTRE and 5G coverage at the end of 2022

In addition to the proprietary network, since its launch in Italy, Iliad has also made use of the WINDTRE network for 3G, 4G and 4G+ (and in National roaming on the 2G WINDTRE network) through RAN Sharing agreement.

Howeveraccording to the Group in its 2022 results documents, if the original coverage through this agreement it was nationalstarting from 1 January 2023 covers only areas that are not covered by the RAN Sharing agreement.

As for the technology 5Gduring 2022 Iliad Italy has switched on 8,000 mobile transmission sites equipped with 700 MHz frequencies (available from 1 July 2022) and 592 equipped for 3.7 GHz frequencies.

The company recalls that at the end of the past year Iliad Italia’s 5G was available in over 3,000 municipalities (including all municipalities with more than 90,000 inhabitants).

Finally about it the agreement with Cellnex on mobile network towersThe The Iliad Group has communicated that in Italy, as at 31 December 2022, the minimum commitment of mobile transmission sites to be built and sold to Cellnex has been achieved within a program build to suitwhich was for the Italian branch was equal to at least 1000 sites.

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